Guests Left Stranded Outside Disney Parks For HOURS as Park Systems Go Offline

mickey mouse holding a "Sorry we're closed" sign in front of Disneyland sleeping beauty castle
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What can compare to the excitement that comes with visiting a Disney Park?

Just imagine it: you’ve finished traveling and finally made it to the gates of one Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Park, what have you, and you’re about to scan your ticket and go inside…

Disneyland Castle

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Now imagine that once you get to the gates of your favorite Disney theme park, the systems go down, and Guests are no longer allowed inside. It sounds like something out of every Disney fan’s worse nightmare, but that’s precisely what happened yesterday at Disneyland Resort.

Systems are down at both parks. They are not letting anybody into either park. If you leave the park you’re in, you can’t get back.
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Both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure alike suffered a system failure that prevented Guests from entering. The system failure began in the late morning, reportedly around 11:25 a.m., meaning that many Guests were already inside.

Disneyland Resort

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Luckily for them, they were good to go as long as they stayed inside the theme park. They’d also be stuck outside the Disney Park’s gates upon leaving the theme park. That being said, the ride times were reportedly low for Guests already inside Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure!

This system outage lasted until around 1:40 p.m., making it a short system failure. However, in that short window, we can imagine that hundreds of Guests visiting Disneyland Resort were incredibly disappointed and may have even left.


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Thankfully, the Guests waiting outside the Park gates maintained decorum, and there have been no reports of any Guests storming the gates and attempting to bypass Cast Members and their ticket-scanning systems.

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