Guests Disgusted By Disney’s Scam Tactics, Costumed Cast Members March

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Credit: Dinsey, DLP Report, Twitter

Worker’s strikes seem to be part of the mainstream news every day now, and Disney isn’t immune to employee uprisings. As magical as the Disney brand appears, a Cast Member strike has plagued Disneyland Paris for months now, and things don’t seem to be getting any better.

Just a few weeks ago, Disneyland Paris was forced to evacuate guests from Main Street because of a Cast Member blockade protest. The frustrated demonstrators stood between Guests and the castle and forced parades to cancel show times.

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Credit: Disneyland Paris

It seems that the current protestations have not been enough, as Variety reports that Disneyland Paris continues to be “rocked by a wave of protests.” A large-scale revolt of hundreds of employees is scheduled for today, the fifth day of labor demonstrations. Many of these strikers include entertainment Cast Members – some marching in costume!

Guests with Park reservations were informed last minute by Disneyland Paris of the likely disruption to normal entertainment offerings, but it was too late for them to change their plans. This alone was enough to set Guests off, but the real disgust had to do with what WAS open.

Jimmy Feather, a British Twitter user living in Paris, explained this as the “worst experience [his family has] ever had at Disneyland Paris.” And he’s not blaming the strikes entirely, even though his daughter sobbed multiple times at not being able to meet any of the princesses.

He says the most “despicable” thing was that, even though half the rides were inaccessible and most shows would not go on, every chance to make money off of Guests was still in full swing. He marks every sales point, store, and restaurant as fully staffed.

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Credit: Disneyland Paris

He finishes this tweet by suggesting that The Walt Disney Company wouldn’t allow a “penny of profit to leave the park.”

As hundreds of Guests feel scammed by Disney’s tactics and hundreds more Cast Members strike for higher pay and indemnities – maybe he has a point. How else does the biggest entertainment company in the world have unhappy Guests AND unhappy workers?

Maybe The Walt Disney Company should go back to its roots of making magic for the people it touches and not making money for itself above all else.

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