Guest Claims Disney Overcharged Them By $2,000

Disney Overcharging

When it comes to Disney topics, fans have thousands of opinions. People debate which foods are the best, which attractions are great and which should be replaced, and what hotel gives you the best experience. However, there is one thing that can almost be universally agreed upon. Taking a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort is an expensive experience. Families will scrimp and save for years to have the chance to visit The Most Magical Place on Earth. A lot of families carefully budget and cannot afford unexpected charges.

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One of the people to visit Walt Disney World recently was Redditor PicyPoe. The Redditor claims that they had booked their Disney trip through the Disney website and were traveling from the UK. When they got to their Resort, they immediately had problems with nearly everything — from Park tickets to Park reservations and the Memory Maker package they purchased. Disney ended up deleting their reservation and starting everything over from scratch. However, that was only the beginning of their difficulties.

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The Redditor says that, when they returned from their vacation, they noticed an extra £1,700 — which equates to over $2.200 — charge on their bill. They tried to speak to Disney, but say that they are having no luck. You can read the Redditor’s full account below:

Was anyone ever in a similar situation?

Disney says they can’t see where the charge came from.

It was our 1st trip, and we intentionally booked directly from Disneys website, hoping to avoid any problems, but it was the opposite.

While there, Disney Resort reception said it was an IT technical issue, who are based in the UK. The UK on the other hand said all was clear on their end, and it was US resorts problem.

After 3 days of nightmare (park reservations, passes, dining credit, memory maker didnt work), Disney Resort decided to cancel all our reservations and re-do everything from scratch. All our passes finally worked, and we managed to enjoy the parks. We thought it was all finally fixed, later to just get back home in the UK and see a whopping £1700 extra charged to our account.

Tried caling the UK. After 3h on wait, finally got connected. The only number they gave me was back to the US, as the UK doesn’t deal with refunds or billing. But when phoning Billing and Research in the US I automatically get hung upon.

Now I am not even sure what are my options, really disappointed and didn’t expect such things from Disney.

My takeaways are:
Lesson 1. Don’t book through the official Disney website ever again.
Lesson 2. Or if you really want to, then make sure that it is Disney .com, NOT .co.UK, because when you are in the US, then they cant see your booking, same goes for when you are in the UK > US won’t see anything.

How everyone else books their tickets?

This is not the first time that Guests have accused Disney of padding the bills. Many Guests have claimed that Disney has added parking fees onto their already high bills when they did not even have a car to Park. Many said that when they brought the issue to Disney, it was cleared up.

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What is most interesting about this is that the Redditor claims that the US Disney site can’t see the information from the UK website. The Redditor has not provided an update to the story, but it was only posted two days ago. As many people trying to contact Disney know, wait times can climb upwards of three to four hours. Hopefully, Disney will be able to clear up the charge and the Redditor can get everything squared away.

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