Upstate NY family man saves Guest’s life during dinner at Disney World

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A man from upstate New York who was on vacation with his family this week at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is being hailed as a hero after he sprang into action when he witnessed another Guest go into cardiac arrest.

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First responders are a gift to mankind. They are men. They are women. They are young. They are older. They are rookies. They are experienced. They are black. They are white. They are Asian-American. They are Hispanic. But one thing that is found in first responders, no matter their age, their gender, the color of their skin, or their ethnicity, is a willingness to act and act quickly when another person is in trouble.

That’s exactly what happened at Disney World on Monday evening when Paul Bucher and his family were enjoying dinner at one of the restaurants at the Resort. At the restaurant that night, the unthinkable happened as Paul witnessed another Guest go into cardiac arrest.

Poughkeepsie Officials Cite Equipment Needs | WAMC

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Thank goodness Paul is actually Lieutenant Paul Bucher with the Poughkeepsie Fire Department, and his training and experience over the years rendered him instantly aware of the Guest’s condition and alerted Paul to the Guest’s need for medical intervention–and immediately.

The clock was already ticking, and every second counted.

Paul sprang into action and rushed to the aid of the total stranger, whose respiration and heartbeat had already ceased by the time he was in Paul’s care, per Paul’s assessment of the man. Without hesitation, Paul began administering chest compressions to the unresponsive Guest while someone raced to get the AED (automated external defibrillator).

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But according to Mid-Hudson News, once Paul had the AED in hand, the man’s heartbeat had returned, he was breathing on his own, and his eyes were wide open.

When members of the Reedy Creek Fire Rescue team arrived to transport the Guest to the hospital, he was conscious and even talking with paramedics.

Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters IAFF L-2117 (@RCFF2117) / Twitter

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Paul told the Mid-Hudson News reporter that the training he has received allowed him to know exactly what the Guest needed.

“I was surprised at first,” Lieutenant Bucher said. “It unfolded very quickly; I’m glad things seemed to have worked out.”

On Tuesday morning, Paul’s team–the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department in New York–shared the news of his heroic actions that saved the life of a total stranger at Disney World.

“Great work, Pauly!” the end of the post reads.

Hats off to Lieutenant Bucher for his bravery and his quick actions, which literally saved the life of this total stranger!

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