WARNING: This Can Get You Kicked Out of Disney!

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Walt Disney World Resort is known as the Most Magical Place on Earth, but that doesn’t stop Guests from getting kicked out of Disney…

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If you’ve kept up with Disney news in the past year, then you’ve probably heard about some appalling Guest behavior. From fights breaking out at Animal Kingdom to Guests abandoning their children at Magic Kingdom, nothing is impossible.

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Unfortunately, not even Walt Disney World is immune to rude Guests. Luckily Disney security is always prepared to handle any situation thrown at them.

Most recently, a Guest visiting Magic Kingdom was kicked out of the Disney Park due to his disorderly behavior. Another Guest witnessed the entire altercation and even documented some of it on video:


He embarrassed himself, his family and now he may not be allowed back in the parks! I don’t know if he was banned. #distok #disneytok #distokfam #disneyparks #fyp #disneyfamily #wdw #disney #notworthit #badbehavior

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In this video, one Guest describes the situation from start to finish and even captures the tail end. In short, one Guest jumped on top of one of the trash cans, “pounded his chest like a gorilla,” and shouted. Not only is this behavior extremely disrespectful, but it’s also potentially dangerous.

As we can see, the disorderly Guest in question ends up surrounded by Cast Members and Park Security before getting kicked out of the theme park.

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Although rules can feel dull or frustrating, it’s important to note that they’re put in place to keep each Cast Member and Guest safe. Failing to respect the Park rules can and will result in expulsion or, in extreme cases, a lifetime ban!

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