Guest Disgusted, Got Way More Than She Bargained for at Morimoto Asia

Wagyu beef morimoto
Credit: Disney

Morimoto Asia is one of Disney Springs premiere dining locations. Reservations are hard to come by, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a bad review. However, one woman got more than she bargained for on her recent visit when her meal was served alongside something that both shocked and disgusted her. 

Wagyu beef morimoto

Credit: Facebook / Chef Morimoto

The guest ordered the Wagyu beef, a popular  (and expensive) delicacy, and was surprised when it came with something she did not expect. According to CrowdCow.com, “Japanese A5 wagyu beef is typically served with a certificate of authenticity, detailing each cow’s unique lineage, place of birth, and other details.” Each cow can also be looked up on a Japanese government-run website that regulates A5 Wagyu beef.  

Wagyu beef morimoto

Credit: TikTok/@adderallthrawn

The guest, who goes by @adderallthrawn on TikTok, uploaded a video of her experience, gaining over 1.3 million views, 258,000 likes and 2,800 comments. She describes the experience saying, “It comes with the cow’s birthday,” the TikToker emotionally explained.  “He was born in May. His name was Shino.” The camera then pans to reveal a small black rectangle on the certificate: “That’s his little nose print!” she said through tears. 

While this is customary in Japan, American diners aren’t used to such transparency about their food. For her part, @adderallthrawn tried to take it in stride later, saying in a comment, “I laughed, I cried, I made jokes about how much Shino would have loved the sorbet we had later … it’s all good folks.”

 TikTok users had a lot to say about the guest’s experience. Many have said they are rethinking their reservation at Morimoto after learning about the “extra information” that comes with the beef. 

“Do the waiters know how many people they’ve irreversibly damaged doing this?” wrote one user.

 Another said, “Disney, serving a little trauma with every dish.”

“5 stars with a side of guilt,” wrote another.

The comments weren’t all negative however, one TikToker said, “I really like this. It shows that the cow was loved and cared for. Not just birthed and added to a sheet of numbers.”

Wagyu beef is typically very expensive.  Morimoto charges $32 per ounce, with a 3-ounce minimum, according to their website. The reason for the price is due to the extensive amount of work that goes into raising a Wagyu cow.

 Though Wagyu translates to “Japanese Cow,” not all Japanese cows can claim the title. Cows must have a certain DNA rating to be bred for Wagyu beef. They must also undergo a two-year fattening process where they are fed “a mixture of fiber and high-energy concentrate” and carefully monitored until their body mass reaches 50% fat,” according to TastingTable. Farmers even regularly massage the cows to produce tender meat and monitor their stress levels, as stress can affect the meat’s tenderness. Given all that, it’s no surprise the entree would come with a certificate of authenticity. 



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