Character Meets: Our FAVORITE Fearsome Foursome is Returning to Disney World!

Characters at Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Haul out the red carpet because some very big stars are back in town! After two very long years, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Chip ‘n’ Dale are finally returning to Animal Kingdom on September 4, 2022! Not only that, but they are back in Dinoland USA and decked out in their dinosaur costumes! Look at how cute they are all dressed up!

Animal Kingdom characters

Credit: ITM

These four are some of our favorite characters to meet at Walt Disney World because they are just so fun! Daisy is sassy, Chip ‘n’ Dale are always up to some kind of mischief, and Donald just had our heart! Pro tip: tell Donald you like him better than Mickey. You won’t regret the reaction you get!

Animal Kingdom happens to be one of our favorite places to meet characters. Unlike Magic Kingdom, where everyone had character meet and greets on their mind, the meet and greets at Animal Kingdom are less popular (less popular means longer interaction)! You’ll also get to meet some pretty unique characters that you won’t find elsewhere. Typically, Animal Kingdom is one of the only places to meet Pocahontas (her meet and greet isn’t back yet, but we hope it will be announced soon). Her wild and carefree spirit always makes her fun to meet.

Animal Kingdom characters

Credit: Jill Bivins

Of all the characters to meet here, though, Dino Donald, Dino Daisy, and Dino Chip ‘n’ Dale are among our favorites, mainly because we love Dinoland so very much. I know the area doesn’t get a lot of love, and I kind of hated it, too, until I learned the backstory, and it completely changed my mind on the entire area! That is a whole different can of worms, though. Stay tuned right here for that story very soon!

Are you as excited as we are to see the characters return to Dinoland USA? We admit that, despite how much we love the area, ever since Primeval Whirl closed, it has been a bit lacking.

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