Former Cast Member Exposes Abuse and Manipulation Behind the Scenes

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This is not a good look for the Walt Disney Company.

Working for Disney Parks is not an easy job. Cast Members have to deal with large crowds, demanding Guests, and tough weather nearly every day. Usually, Cast Members are able to push through the difficulties of the job because they enjoy the magic and community that working at Disney provides. Unfortuanly, for some Cast Members, working for Mickey Mouse is anything but magical.

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In a viral video called “Why did I hate working for Disney so much??,” one Cast Member exposed the burtal conditions she was forced to work under.

Dream Job for Some, Nightmare for Others

For many Cast Members, working at Disney is a dream come true. Everyone who has visited Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort knows how much Cast Members mean to the Parks. Many outsiders believe that working in the Parks must feel like a fairytale every day, but one former employee explains that it was a living nightmare for her.

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TikToker @bbbnayyyy worked at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California for five years. From her perspective, the problem with working for the Parks is the managers who do not care about the health and wellbeing of their employees. She recalls an interaction with her former manager that happened when she was fainting on the job. According to this TikToker, the manager told her that “…if your health is going to get in the way of your job, that you should think that this job is not for you.”

She goes on to talk about how another horrific instance where the same manager made a disgraceful comment regarding a suicide that happened in the Parks. This TikToker claims that the manager expressed that they wished the suicide had happened during a day when Bob Iger was not in the Parks.


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This news is horrifying to hear, and unfortunately, many other former Cast Members describe similar situations in the comments. Hopefully, Disney adresses these issues and removes the manager in question.

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