Disney Thank-You Gifts That’ll Have Your Friends Thanking YOU!

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If you’ve ever jotted down a quick note when leaving for vacation to pick up some “thank you” gifts for friends and neighbors on vacation, you are not alone. Snagging small gifts for loved ones on a trip is part of my rhythm when vacationing at Walt¬†Disney¬†World¬†Resort or elsewhere. Finding the right items to buy can be tough and gets even tougher when you are shopping for neighbors, more distant friends, or hired sitters/housekeepers.¬†

Whether you are shopping for a dog sitter, a neighbor that is watering your garden, or a sibling that is gathering your mail in your absence, a gift is probably in order. Perhaps you want to gift a colleague that is covering for you at work or your cousins that are watching the kids so mom and dad can enjoy a romantic Disney vacation. Good news — we have gift recommendations here for the folks back home. Even better, these are Disney vacation thank-you gifts that’ll have your friends and family thanking YOU.



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Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, and the best gift to receive is one you can use. Why not snag a bag of Joffrey’s Coffee as a thank-you to a neighbor or a gift for a friend back home? You can buy a bag of Joffrey’s Coffee from the Joffrey’s store at¬†Disney¬†Springs¬†for around $12 per bag.

You can also snag other Disney-branded coffees in select sweet shops and the gourmet sections of gift shops in Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom. These bagged coffees are also sometimes shelved at Disney Resort gift shops. This easy and affordable item makes the perfect gift, is light and easy to pack, and is something the recipient can consume right away. Coffee is also my favorite vacation souvenir to receive from others. 

Packaged Baked Goods or Packaged Candy 

If you know the person you are gifting can eat sweets, you could snag a packaged baked good or candy gift from Goofy’s Candy Company at Disney Springs. Sweet Shops in the Parks are also great places to buy boxed and sealed chocolates, gummies, hard candy, or baked goods that will travel well.

Mickey popcorn

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The Main Street Confectionary in Magic Kingdom is a great place to buy packaged sweets and baked goods for gifting. You’ll also likely find a limited selection of packaged Disney-branded sweets in your Disney Resort gift shop. Pricing for these gift ideas are consistent, regardless of where you buy them on the property, so you can wait until the end of your vacation to purchase and pick up a box of treats before leaving your resort.


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If the person you are gifting is a tea drinker, Disney has some great options. The Wonderland Tea Collection has shelf space at most Disney Resort shops and can of course be found at Disney Spring shops like World of Disney and other stores with a gourmet selection. My favorite part of the collection is the honey spoons for stirring tea. Of course, you can also go more traditional and buy a tea flavor or variety tea pack for your gift recipient. The Wonderland Tea Collection is adorably branded and makes the perfect gift.

Gourmet Chocolates from the Ganachery

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If you are driving to and from Walt Disney World Resort and can easily transport chocolate in a climate-controlled environment, you can buy a gourmet chocolate set at The Ganachery at Disney Springs. A four-pack of truffles is a lower-cost option for a gift from this spot. The packaging and beautiful chocolates look upscale and are super delicious. Not to mention, everyone loves a gourmet gift that you can enjoy as dessert.

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Once Upon A Vine Wine

If you are gifting a wine drinker, why not go for a bottle of vino? Disney has its own brand of wines sold at Disney Springs and Resort shops. The Once Upon a Vine wine brand have labels that depict storybook vibes that are absolutely on point with Disney World theming. With names like “Lost Slipper Sauvignon Blanc” and “A Charming Pinot”, your gift recipient will be in love. Not to mention consumable gifts = great gifts. Your friend can enjoy the wine and toss the bottle knowing this gift won’t sit on a shelf and collect dust.

Character Merch


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If you are gifting a friend that is also a Disney lover, you can have fun with your gift. Is your buddy’s ride favorite the Haunted Mansion? Grab a Haunted Mansion-inspired candle! Do you have a Star Wars fan on your hands? Choose from home goods, office supplies, and more for your friend. Sweatshirts, candles, drinkware, and pens are all good ideas for a Disney lover. Sure, you may spend more on this gift but after all, It’s fun to gift a Disney lover — so go all out!

Understated Disney Office Supplies


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Purchasing a gift for a coworker that covered you at work during vacation? Why not snag a Disney office supply that catches your eye to add a little magic to his or her desk? Pens, a notebook, sticky notes, Disney office clips or other small items are a way to help your friend know you thought of them without going overboard on price.

Reusable Bags

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Reusable bags are one of the cheapest gifts you can buy at Disney World, and they happen to make a great gift. You can buy Disney Park-specific bags in each Park with the iconic landmarks on it. Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom, The Hollywood Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios, and the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom are all on bags in their Park for $5 or less per bag.

You can buy Disney World Resort-themed reusable bags at the World of Disney store at Disney Springs. I love the price of these useful gifts and the fact that they pack flat in a suitcase and weigh almost nothing. I snagged 50th Anniversary Celebration reusable bags on my last trip to gift family, and they were a huge hit. 

Finding gift ideas that are fun and Disney-themed without buying junk or breaking the bank can seem tough, but hopefully, this list gives you some ideas for your next vacation. Happy Shopping!

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