Five Ways to Personalize Your Magic Band

Magic Bands are all the rage in Walt Disney World fashion. These convenient little devices are included with on-site guests’ packages or can be purchased once you arrive if you are staying off-site. Disney allows some degree of customization, allowing you to choose from 7 colors and adding the name of your choice to the back. While this is great, some people find them a little boring and want to add personal touches to set their band apart from everyone else. The internet, especially Pinterest and Disney message boards, is full of suggestions on ways to decorate your Magic Bands. Here are five ways to make your Magic Band your own:

5. Disney’s Accessories
Once you arrive in the World you can purchase Disney’s “official” Magic Band accessories “Band-Its” “Sliders” and Covers. Some of these are also available at before you travel. Adding these to your Magic Bands gives an element of personalization, and they are easy to do. However, I will caution that the Band-Its do not stay put very well. We bought a pack of 4 and within 24 hours we had 2. If you were able to put a bit of hot glue on them before putting them on it would probably help. Speaking of Disney’s options—you can now purchase some limited edition Magic Bands in the parks. These are unique and themed to a particular attraction (like Haunted Mansion) or property (like Frozen). They are extra, even if you are staying on-site.

4. Temporary Tattoos and Rub-Ons
These are two options to add a personal touch to your band that are fairly easy to do. You can choose Disney themed tattoos or rub-ons, or just a generic decorative theme. The tattoos are found in variety of stores—I’ve seen them at Target, dollar stores, and craft stores. The rub-ons are available at craft stores. Tattoos create a more transparent feel to the design while the rub-ons are more opaque and are a bit brighter design. There are tips on line about how to apply these, and there seems to be some debate about whether a base coat of a nail polish is necessary. Many do recommend a top coat of a clear nail polish that is not subject to cracking.

3. Bedazzle!
Adding gems to your Magic Band is a great way to add a little bling to your vacation wardrobe. You can use the gems and baubles found at a craft store, but those used for manicures and pedicures also work well. Those are smaller and are designed to be fairly durable with use (and can be found at beauty supply stores, and cosmetic sections). The gems, beads, baubles, crystals can be applied to your Magic Band to create designs, including the famous 3 circle Mickey head.

2. Stickers
Using high quality vinyl stickers you can create a beautiful Magic Band. You could use letters to do a monogram, or other stickers to create a design. There are also some people making Magic Band covers for sale. You can find some on etsy, but there are two that I see a lot about. My Fantasy Bands has beautiful designs and gets great reviews for quality. I have ordered from her and the product is beautiful—I like the matte finish on the designs. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet in the parks, but I can’t wait for the opportunity. Another seller is Cover Bands by DVC Central!/~/category/id=0&offset=0&sort=normal. I have not ordered from them yet, but I love their “little planet” design based on “it’s a small world.”

1. Nail Polish
Nail polish is durable and comes in a multitude of beautiful colors and finishes. There are a million ideas on Pinterest on how to use nail polish to enhance your Magic Band. You can do a solid color to change your Magic Band’s color . . .say to purple. Or it could be a metallic or glitter finish, or even a top coat of the clear glow-in-the-dark polish. You can use various colors to paint designs on your band. The sky is the limit with the possibilities you have with nail polish—get creative!

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There are so many options to really personalize your Magic Bands—and it can be one of those fun projects you do at home to get ready for your vacation. And you can combine any number of the options above to do something really original. Unfortunately, if you are staying off-site you may be more limited since you can’t purchase your band until you arrive on-site, but there are still a few things you can do.
I have a few more tips for your Magic Band personalization:

  • Put your Magic Bands on a baseball bat or plastic pipe (or some other round object) to hold them while you are decorating them.
  • If you have more than one band from past trips you can use all of them. As long as they are still listed as “active” in your My Disney Experience account they will all work on your vacation. Pick a different color each time you order your bands and then you have a variety of base colors to work with.
  • Consider purchasing a “Bitbelt” to keep you Magic Band on. These are great—I used them on our last vacation. They just slide over your band and then cover where the band overlaps after you fasten it. While I wore it I had no problems, the day I didn’t use one every time I picked up my two-year-old my Magic Band would unsnap. They have lots of colors, and even a slightly smaller one for the child-size bands.

That’s all from me! What are your favorite tips for personalizing your bands? If you don’t have any I’m sure that a search of Pinterest or a Disney message board will give you hundreds of ideas (after zapping hours away lost in the pictures and posts).

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