Five of the Coolest Things to Try on Your Next Walt Disney World Trip

5) Characters in Flight…Operated by Aerophile

Downtown Disney

Hot air and helium balloons are very popular in Orlando and the surrounding area. The problem is that those rides are expensive and are usually early in the morning. Disney has a solution, Characters in Flight. The red and yellow balloon is hard to miss, it can be seen from many places on and off of Disney property. The basket of the tethered balloon holds up to 29 people, and it travels 400 feet into the air. You’ll have a view that reaches ten miles away. The ride lasts about ten minutes, so you’ll then have plenty of time to explore Downtown Disney. Best of all, you’ll pay hundreds of dollars less than if you took the whole family on an early morning hot air balloon ride. Try to plan your flight around sunset for a stunning view. Characters in Flight does not fly in inclement weather, including winds.