FBI Raids ‘Indiana Jones’-Style Booby-Trapped Home

Indiana Jones
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Many people wish that they could live inside their favorite movie, but few would ever go as far as one Oregon man.

When FBI agents responded to the home of Gregory Lee Rodvelt, they had no idea what was in store for them. Usually, in situations like these, a stand-off may occur between the FBI and the guilty party, but for these agents, it was the house they were fighting. The scene played out in a shocking sequence of events that could easily be ripped out of an Indiana Jones movie.

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Indiana Jones Stunts Inspire Audiences

In the films, Indiana Jones is known to bravely maneuver booby-trapped buildings all the time; it is part of the excitement of the films. Seeing the beloved hero dodge falling objects and dangerous animals or even out-chase a rolling boulder are reasons why the beloved franchise has survived for so long. Stunts of this kind are so famous that Disney has even replicated them in the live show, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!, which is located at Walt Disney World Resort’s theme Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

However, one man decided to take his admiration for India Jones-style booby-traps by creating some of his own. Unlike in the movies, these traps were meant for the FBI, not India Jones.

Indiana Jones

Credit: Disney

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Raider of the Lost… Hot Tub?

In 2018, Gregory Lee Rodvelt was about to lose his house after he was exposed for unlawful possession of explosives. Instead of succumbing to the FBI and the Oregon State Police, he decided to booby-trap his home. The house included many homemade devices. This included steel animal traps, barred windows, a homemade shotgun device, and improvised explosive devices. His most elaborate was a hot tub that was set on its side and rigged to roll down a hill when an FBI agent opened his fence.

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Credit: Disney

His most dangerous trap was a wheelchair strapped with explosives. Unfortunately, this trap actually did shoot and injure an FBI bomb technician. Because of this, Gregory Lee Rodvelt’s charges became much more severe. Rodvelt is looking at up to 20 years in prison for his crime.

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