Fans Slam Kim Kardashian For Daughter’s Viral ‘Lion King’ Performance

Kim Kardashian Crying and North West's Lion King Performance
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On May 24 and 25, Disney celebrated the 30th anniversary of its hit animated film, The Lion King (1994), at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. The incredible night featured an orchestra and choir singing as the movie played. The animated film’s original actors, including Nathan Lane (Timon), Ernie Sabella (Pumbaa), and Jeremy Irons (Scar), also performed. Additionally, guests enjoyed performances from actors from the 2019 live-action remake, as well as numbers from the Broadway show.

The promotional poster for Disney's "The Lion King" 30th Anniversary Celebration at the Hollywood Bowl showcases the iconic lion silhouette against the sunset. Performance dates are May 24 & 25, featuring North West highlights of original cast performances and special guests.

Credit: Disney/Hollywood Bowl

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The Lion King is chock-full of fun and memorable songs, including Simba’s big number, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.” During the Hollywood Bowl show, that number was sung by North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Unfortunately, for many in attendance, that was the low point of the night.

And now, fans are blasting Kim Kardashian, calling her entitled.

Kardashian's at Disneyland

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On May 27, Entertainment Tonight shared a clip of North West performing the legendary number. While the post was meant to show excitement for the 10-year-old’s performance, the comments were less than enthusiastic. Many were upset that the role went to North West — who struggled to stay on key — when it could have gone to a child who earned the part.

Some talented kid probably had to give up his role this child😪

Others pointed out that North’s casting because of her parents’ names was unfair to the professionals she shared the stage with.

People are saying they feel sorry for the kid that lost out on this role, but I also feel bad for the other professional performers on the stage. Imagine years of training in acting, singing, and dancing, countless auditions and rejection, and working hard to prepare for your role, only to have to share the stage with a child who wouldn’t be cast in her school play if it weren’t for her last name. She makes everyone on stage look amateur.

They even claimed that Kardashian paid Entertainment Tonight to promote her daughter and the performance.

@entertainmenttonight How much did @kimkardashian pay you for the hype post?

A person is partially visible with their face framed by a fluffy yellow garment, giving a cozy and whimsical appearance reminiscent of a character from The Lion King. Only their eyes and part of their face are visible through the circular opening in the fur-like material. North West daughter of Kim Kardashian

Credit: Kim Kardashian, Instagram

Even controversial talk show host Megyn Kelly criticized the performance, calling North’s casting “infuriating.”

“I’m sorry, I am a public person. And I certainly don’t want my kids to not get opportunities because I’ve chosen this life. Nor would I feel comfortable exploiting the fact that people know who I am to insert my already enormously privileged kid into a role that – let me just be kind – she was not well suited for.”

“The nepo baby situation that’s happening there with double billionaire parents, so that this kid could get this role that could have gone to somebody else and honestly, should have gone to somebody else, is infuriating.” 

The Megyn Kelly Show on YouTube

Credit: Megyn Kelly YouTube

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Additionally, videos started going viral of other children who auditioned for the role of Simba for the Hollywood Bowl celebration. Commenters were beyond frustrated that talented children lost out on the role because they did not have noteworthy names or parents.

This kid auditioned to be Simba in the “Lion King” live performance…..the same performance in which North West was casted………she’s already getting things handed to her because of her parents 🙄

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian, or the Kardashian family, has been called out for their entitled behavior. The Kardashians love visiting Disneyland, and each time they go, they get the VIP treatment. Not long ago, fans and Disneyland guests were fuming when the family got the entire Mad Tea Party ride to themselves.

Guests were seen waiting in a long line while the family rode the ride alone, leaving most of the tea cups empty.

Do you think North West deserved the role of Simba in The Lion King 30th Anniversary Celebration? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Deserved! Why would she deserve it ,coz she obviously didn’t have any talent ,just very annoying parents

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