Fans Argue Whether George Lucas Was Actually Caught Photobombing at Magic Kingdom

George Lucas Caught in Guest Photo
Credit: @markvchase, Twitter/Disney/Canva

Walt Disney World has been the ultimate destination for family vacations since its opening in 1971. Over the years, Walt Disney’s initial inspiration for the parks has continued to inspire while operations have grown substantially.

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

Credit: Disney

Magic Kingdom Park first opened to guests in October 1971, welcoming Disney fans to Orlando. Since then, the Orlando parks have grown to include EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The Walt Disney World Resort also includes Disney Springs, golf courses, waterparks, and over 25 resorts.

The parks are filled every day with guests from all over the world visiting to experience the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort. The Walt Disney Company has a world-renowned reputation for excellent guest service and unforgettable experiences.

Hollywood Stars at Disney Parks

Neil Patrick Harris Candlelight

Credit: Disney Parks

However, a Disney Park welcomes more than just traveling guests on any given day. Daily, Disney parks are also hosting celebrities and stars from around the world who can’t help but love the magic themselves.

Year after year, you will see coverage of Hollywood stars like Neil Patrick Harris, John Stamos, Patrick Mahomes, and even the Kardashians enjoying the Disney theme parks with their families. Some even take part in seasonal events, like being a celebrity narrator for the Candlelight Processional during EPCOT’s International Festival of the Holidays.

Is That Really George Lucas?

Recently, one family discovered who they believe to be a Hollywood star in the background on their Magic Kingdom vacation photo from 2005. However, fans are arguing whether the photo captures celebrity George Lucas visiting the Magic Kingdom.

Credit: @markvchase, Twitter

In the fan’s family photo, we see the family posing with Brer Rabbit in front of Splash Mountain’s former exit. Behind the family, there’s a man on a bench who bears a strong resemblance to Star Wars creator George Lucas. In the social media post, it was explained that the family always joked about George Lucas being in their photo. However, after the photo went viral, some fans have argued that it truly is the Hollywood Star.

Fans have responded, linking to news articles featuring George Lucas visiting Walt Disney World in 2005 around the same time as the family’s park visit. While these fans are arguing that the man in the photo is unequivocally George Lucas, others are saying that the photo is just too unbelievable to be true.

George Lucas and Bob Iger

Credit: Disney

Even though 2005 was long before Lucas sold the Star Wars franchise to Disney, it’s rumored that he was visiting the parks on vacation. Since then, Disney has bought Star Wars from George Lucas, building the immersive world of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

What do you think? Do you think that the Star Wars icon is hiding in this family photo?

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