Exchange a “Time Out” for Honey I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

It’s the kind of play they are used to back home but it becomes more exciting in the Disney themed surrounding! If they get to burn off some energy they will be happier and so will you parents. They will tolerate standing in lines longer, not swinging or hanging on the ropes/chains, etc. Take time away from the major attractions and let them enjoy these spots designed especially for them.

There are sooo many attractions that are geared for adults, but very few aimed precisely at the younger guests at Walt Disney World. Disney’s Hollywood Studios may have the fewest attractions that are truly entertaining to little ones. It is understandable when young children get tired of seeing everything only from a stroller height, surrounded by taller guests legs, and well, back sides, so don’t get upset with them parents if they just NEED to get out and expend some energy of their own. Where else can you find a playground that children are allowed to play on? Well, during Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival there have been some excellent playgrounds created for children, but that is up for a too brief a time. (Disney, please consider having that Monsters-themed playground, along with its shades and comfortable chairs year round?)

At Magic Kingdom you have a shaded playground in the queue at Dumbo the Flying Elephant. On Tom Sawyer’s Island you will find an excellent playground to burn off some of that energy kids have that adults are envious of. Animal Kingdom’s Boneyard Playground is also a wonderful play area for kids to put that energy into multi-level play and even a dino skeleton to uncover. 16 of the Walt Disney World resorts have playgrounds on their property too, so check out all the spaces your children can interact and play in. Why is this playground adventure special? Size, for one, it is 11,000 square feet of play area. Well, where else can kids feel smaller than a blade of grass? Little fans of the movie all want to know what that feels like. Giant sprinklers, ants you can sit on, super soakers, combined with net climbing, representing a spider’s web, exploring ant hills and slides make this a win-win for children.

What is the story behind this attraction? It is based on the 1989 Disney film Honey I Shrunk the Kids when inventor Professor Wayne Szalinkski who is experimenting with a shrink ray gun, accidentally shrinks his children. Unknowingly he throws them away with the trash. The story expands to the back yard as they escape the trash can but need to get back into the house before something terrible happens to them.

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Interesting details: the blades of grass are 30-feet tall; the water hose that leaks spreads 52-feet long; an old film canister with film rolling out of it becomes a giant slide; 40-feet tall Bumble Bee, and do not miss the giant dog nose, check inside the nostrils!

Think about how much fun to climb and slide down all this stuff, going in whatever direction you want to go (except climbing up the slides) how is that not appealing to little guests? Maybe have lunch right next door, let the kids play and they may be ready for a nap after that. There are Cast Members inside to assist and to control the number of people allowed inside the movie set at one time. It gets hot in there in the afternoon so maybe avoid going during the hottest part of the day.

There are some “pebbles” inside that parents can take a seat on if you want to try and follow your kids throughout the space. There is some waiting area near the stroller parking at the exit of the attraction. If you decide to wait at the counter service restaurant next door make sure you walk your kids through the exit and show them how to get back to where you are.

The set is found in the Streets of America section of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It opened December 17, 1990.

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