EPCOT Quiz! How Well Do You Know EPCOT?

Guests who visit Walt Disney World love to spend time in the four Disney Parks, especially Epcot. The popular Disney Park features a wide array of attractions, dining, entertainment, and more throughout Future World and World Showcase. Guests who spend time in Epcot can enjoy everything from learning about agriculture and designing their own SIM car to dining on cuisine from around the world and exploring the architecture of eleven different countries. While many guests love visiting Epcot, many might not know a lot of the interesting facts and information about the beloved Disney Park. How well do you know Epcot?


1. What year did EPCOT open?

Epcot officially opened on October 1, 1982, eleven years to the day after the Magic Kingdom and the Walt Disney World Resort opened. The number 82 can be found in several locations across the entire Walt Disney World property as a reference to Epcot’s opening, and guests who are enjoying a ride on Living with the Land can also spot the number on a mailbox in the farmhouse scene.

2. How many triangles are on Spaceship Earth?

There are 11,324 silver triangles found on the exterior of Spaceship Earth. Guests might not also realize that Spaceship Earth is comprised of an interior sphere that houses the attraction itself and the exterior sphere on which the triangles are attached. There is also a clever drainage system on Spaceship Earth where rainwater collects and is funneled away into World Showcase Lagoon instead of running down the structure and soaking guests below.

3. Where can you find manatees?

The Seas with Nemo and Friends is home to a fun attraction of the same name as well as Turtle Talk with Crush, but many guests don’t realize that the pavilion is also home to many different species of marine life. A quick escalator ride up in the pavilion can bring guests to a wonderful viewing area that looks down into the manatee tank where the large creatures can often be found nibbling on lettuce and floating around.

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4. Soarin’ Around the World was inspired by what toy?

Soarin’ Around the World was inspired and first created using an erector set. Imagineer Mark Sumner found his childhood toy at home and began tinkering, ultimately designing the very first model and mock-up of the original Soarin’ Over California. Sharp-eyed guests can even check out some of the structure that sis very similar to the original erector set creation while boarding and going through safety checks on the attraction.

5. Where do guests train on Mission: SPACE?

Mission: SPACE invites guests to train at the International Space Training Center, or ISTC. Guests who enjoy the Green Version can train with the facility and enjoy an orbit around Earth where they take in incredible views and unique occurrences such as desert storms. The Orange Version also has guests train with the ISTC, but to prepare for a flight to Mars complete with hypersleep and some unforeseen challenges!

6. Who hosts the American Adventure?

The America Pavilion is the host pavilion of World Showcase and home to the American Adventure which tells the story of the American people over the previous centuries. The story is hosted by Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin who can be seen several times throughout the show in Audio-Animatronic form and serve as narrators who explain how America has changed and grown over the years.

7. Where can you find Victoria Gardens?

The Canada Pavilion in World Showcase is home to a lovely path with bright and vibrant Victoria Gardens all around. The gardens are maintained year round and are based on the famous Butchart Gardens located just outside of Victoria, British Columbia. During special festivals guests can also find seasonal and charming additions to Victoria Gardens.

8. What was the original name of the attraction in the Mexico Pavilion

Currently the Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros, the attraction located inside of the ancient pyramid in the Mexico Pavilion was originally names El Rio de Tiempo. Translated to “the river of time,” the attraction followed the same waterway and shared the history, culture, and beauty of Mexico and its people. Most of the scenes throughout the attraction remained similar when updated with simple additions of the Three Caballeros throughout.

9. What city is the Italy Pavilion modeled after?

While there are several styles of Italian architecture featured in the Italy Pavilion, the majority of the location is modeled after the city of Venice. The large monolith in the pavilion is modeled after St. Mark’s Campanile and Le Gemma Elegante where guests can shop for unique merchandise is modeled after the Doge’s Palace. Sharp-eyed guests can also spot several gondolas serenely floating in World Showcase Lagoon in the front of the pavilion.

10. What was the last country added to World Showcase?

The Norway Pavilion was the final pavilion added to World Showcase in 1988. The Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, American, Japan, France, UK, and Canada Pavilions were all opening day attractions in 1982, and the Morocco Pavilion was added in 1984. Norway’s addition in 1988 marked the completion of World Showcase as guests know

About Caitlin Kane

Caitlin Kane has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was a child and has developed a deep love and appreciation of the Disney Parks with a particular interest in the small details and history that can be found all around. Visiting every chance she gets, Caitlin loves to enjoy the ambiance of the Disney Parks and try something new every time. She can often be found eating and drinking her way through the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, riding the Haunted Mansion, sipping on a Lapu Lapu, pretending Illuminations: Reflections of Earth was still in existence, and enjoying seeing the magic through the eyes of her children. When not in WDW, Caitlin can be found at home in New York dreaming of a ride on Living with the Land and counting down the days until her next trip.