Entitled Mother Slammed for Trying To Force Daughter Onto Dangerous Ride

An amusement park ride attendant assists two seated individuals with securing harnesses. One rider wears a white shirt and shorts, the other an orange shirt. Two visual overlays depict a thumbs-down emoji and a worried face emoji placed over the riders.
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When visiting almost any theme park or amusement park, there are certain rules in place that all guests must follow. They are expected to act in a certain manner, not run around the park, and always wear shirts and shoes (except at water parks).

One of the biggest rules revolves around the height requirement for rides and attractions. As many Disney fans know, children under a certain height are not allowed to ride some of the more popular rides in the parks.

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These height restrictions are put in place for a very legitimate reason — if the child is too short, they could be very seriously injured, or maybe even killed, if they attempt to ride the attraction.

That is why TikTokers were shocked, disgusted, and angered at one entitled mom who tried to force a theme park worker to let her daughter ride an attraction she was not big enough to ride.

Avatar Flight of Passage

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Australian TikToker, Christian M. Hull, recently visited Ocean Park in Hong Kong. Ocean Park boasts a ton of fun rides, water attractions, fun dining spots, and great hotels to relax in during your stay. It even allows dogs into the parks, so visitors can have fun with their four-legged friends! It bills itself as the best theme park in Hong Kong, although Hong Kong Disneyland might have something to say about that.

During his time in the park, Christian decided to ride Whirly Bird, which is similar to Silly Symphony Swings in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort. Guests are strapped into seats, then lifted high into the air, and they fly through the air, much like birds.

A colorful amusement park ride with blue and yellow seats spins in the air, suspended by metal rods attached to a central pole. The ride is surrounded by buildings and structures in the background, with a tree on the right side. The sky is overcast.

Credit: Ocean Park Hong Kong

According to Christian’s video, at the entrance to the ride, there is a large ruler/height indicator stating that guests must be 122 centimeters (48 inches) tall to ride.

Well, as he was waiting to board, he saw a very disturbing interaction between the entitled mother and the poor ride attendant.

The mother and her daughter sat in their Whirly Bird seats but were then told that the young girl was too short to ride. However, instead of listening to the attendant, the woman said that her daughter could ride because she was the mother and gave permission. The stunned ride attendant said that it didn’t matter if the girl had permission, she was still too short to ride.


How dumb are some parents? Do they not know rules are there for a reason….im glad someone was looking out for the young girl.

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The mother didn’t bother to listen to what the worker had to say and kept repeating that her daughter could ride because she said so.

Eventually, the woman and her too-short daughter got up from their seats and headed to the exit. However, the second the attendant turned their back and went to check on other riders, the mother-daughter duo darted back in and sat in the seats they had just vacated!

Thankfully, the attendant spotted them before the ride started, but they argued with him some more before finally exiting the attraction for good.

A group of people stands in front of a large aquarium tank at Ocean Park Hong Kong. They are watching various sea creatures, including fish and sharks, swimming in the blue, well-lit water. The background features rocks and coral formations.

Credit: Ocean Park

Commenters were stunned and annoyed that the mother didn’t care that it was dangerous for her child to ride an attraction where she did not meet the height requirement. They also couldn’t believe that the mother thought her opinion should supersede the height rules put in place.

A girl in Adelaide died on a smaller version of this ride. lt’s crazy how some people don’t think twice about putting their child at risk on these rides

Others commented that they had experienced similar scenarios when working as ride operators at theme park attractions. Apparently, a lot of parents do not think the rules apply to them and think that their word should count for more than the rules at the park.

Worked as a ride operator for one summer and it caused me so much distress because of parents like this. Happens too often

A vibrant amusement park, Whirly Bird Ocean Park Hong Kong, featuring a futuristic yellow and blue building with various slides, is situated in front of a tranquil pond with rocks. Green hills and clear blue skies serve as a picturesque backdrop, with lush vegetation and playful structures scattered around.

Credit: Ocean Park

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If you are visiting a theme park with a young child, please be aware that the rules and ride height requirements are there for a reason. They are not meant to discourage or upset guests, but to keep everyone safe. If your child does not measure up, they will not be allowed to ride, and that is that. Do not argue with or yell at ride attendants who are simply doing their jobs.

Do you think this entitled mother was way out of line? What do you think the ride operator should have done? Let us know in the comments!

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