Enjoy the Force and Eggnog with RSVLTS 2023 ‘Star Wars’ Holiday Collection

Enjoy the Force and Eggnog with RSVLTS 2023 'Star Wars' Holiday Collection
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Since 1997, we’ve been traveling a vast galaxy, learning of force-wielding Jedi, diabolical Sith, various species of aliens, and intergalactic politics. It’s been a fantastic ride that has turned one simple Star Wars film into a vast catalog of shows and movies fans hold dear to their hearts.

Enter a Galaxy Far Far Away with These New 'Star Wars' Shirt and Hoodie Must-Haves

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Star Wars, unlike most franchises, has proven itself to be timeless, still churning out new content and creating new stories and characters while opening itself up to new generations of lifelong fans. The entire series is larger than life, combining what storytelling was meant to be with the amazing brilliance of characters and design. The gift that George Lucas gave the world decades ago keeps on giving, even after Disney’s acquisition of the popular franchise.

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that has managed to capture the imagination and hearts of people from all walks of life. The franchise has become an iconic part of popular culture, with its characters like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Yoda achieving a legendary status. The appeal of the franchise transcends all man-made barriers, including race, nationality, religion, and ethnicity, becoming a timeless classic, with epic tales of Jedi from old and new Republics.

Ahsoka Disney

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The Star Wars fanbase is one of the most passionate and loyal communities in the world. Fans are known to be deeply committed to the franchise and its characters, with many of them collecting everything related to Star Wars, from clothing to collectibles. And when it comes to visiting Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World, fans are seen proudly wearing their favorite film titles and characters, showcasing their love for the franchise.

Our friends at RSVLTS understand the passion of Star Wars fans and have created a line of clothing and collectibles that are sure to impress even the most devoted fan. Their collection features a wide range of merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories, all with unique designs inspired by the Star Wars universe. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the franchise, you’re sure to find something that will capture your imagination and help you show your love for Star Wars.

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The holiday season is here, in fact, its been in full swing at Disney World for weeks now. However, Star Wars fans can look forward to a great gift that may potentially find itself under their tree this year with RSVLTS new 2023 Star Wars Holiday Collection. 

Adding to an already impressive line of button-down shirts and shorts, RSVLTS, the highly popular clothing line that prompts fans to “Dare Mighty Things,” just dropped an amazing hoodie line specifically for Star Wars junkies, and we couldn’t be any more excited! 

All five new items in this initial collection feature previously acclaimed Star Wars RSVLTS designs, originally in RSVLTS signature KUNUFLEX™ button-downs, now available in the RSVLTS ShredFlex™ performance hoodie material: light, breathable, soft & comfy fit with four-way stretch. Each performance hoodie retails for $75; available in sizes XS-4XL. They’re absolutely perfect for your next Disney World or Disneyland trip to Black Spire Outpost.

Although the Star Wars Hoodies are a hot commodity this season, the new Holiday collection is what has wanna be Jedi, Sith, and Mandalorians really excited. All three button-down shirts come in RSVLTS signature KUNUFLEX™ material (soft, stretchy, never shrinks or fades), and all are available in classic (unisex) – in both long & short sleeve formats – youth, preschool and women’s styles/sizes. Each shirt retails for $70/$72 for long-sleeve, $45 for youth, $39 for preschool; sizes range from XS-4XL for adults and various sizes for children (2T-5T; S-XL).

I Am Your Father Christmas

I am your father christmas rsvlts

Credit: RSVLTS

Festival of Light Sabers

festival of the light sabers

Credit: RSVLTS

Vader’s Little Helpers

vaders little helpers rsvlts

Credit: RSVLTS

The great thing about RSVLTS (Roosevelts) is that they also have a little something for everyone else. New drops happen almost every day, featuring new fandoms, including Mickey Mouse, Monsters, Scooby Doo, Hocus Pocus, Ninja Turtles, Harry Potter, Pixar, Marvel, and so much more. However, when it comes to Star Wars, much like their other lines, you aren’t going to find a better shirt out there. At least you won’t find another Star Wars shirt that gets you the attention you deserve when roaming around Galaxy’s Edge dodging the First Order.

RSVLTS can be purchased here directly from their website, but we highly recommend downloading their app, as you’ll be the first to know when new shirts drop. As well, they have an excellent rewards program set up, and much like Disney World, fantastic customer service!

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