Eight Things Most Disney Fans Would Fight Over

We all have our own reasons for loving Disney. What is important to me may not be quite as important to you. Something that I love may be something that you despise, or vice versa. Walt Disney World fans are often vocal, and we tend to want to share our opinions with others. Here are eight things that Disney fans might fight over. There are plenty more. Please be respectful of other opinions in the comments below, even if you disagree with someone.


8) Removal of the Sorcerer Hat

The Sorcerer Hat has been a subject of debate since it became the icon for Disney’s Hollywood Studios in 2001. To some people, it was a touching tribute to Walt Disney. It was erected to celebrate his 100th birthday and it was a throwback to a beloved favorite scene from Fantasia. To others, it was gaudy and blocked the view of the reproduction of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. It seemed like the Hat was a permanent fixture; until it was announced that it was to be removed. That started the debate all over again. Now that it’s gone, people now argue over what should be the park’s icon.

7) Best Age to Visit

Walt Disney World is one of the top family destinations in the country. That means that you will see many small children while you are there. That sparks the question, what is the best age to visit? Some people think that there is no “best age”. If you want to bring your newborn, that’s great! You’ll end up with priceless pictures and memories, it doesn’t matter that the child will be too small to remember. Others think that it might be better to wait until the children are a little bit older to visit Walt Disney World. The kids will then be tall enough to ride more rides, and they’ll remember their first trip. There are also those who think that Walt Disney World is the perfect adult vacation, forget about the kids! Ultimately, it’s up to each family to decide whether or not their children can handle a Walt Disney World vacation.

6) Best Time to Visit

Another huge topic that people tend to fight over is the best time of year to visit. Should you go in the summer? Even though it’s hot and humid, schools are out and the hours are longer. Would it be better to visit at Christmastime, when the weather is more comfortable and the decorations are up? You might instead want to plan your trip during the off season, because there are deals to be found and the parks are somewhat less crowded. If you’re a parent, is it okay to take the kids out of school for a Walt Disney World vacation? Of course the real answer to this fight is that there is no wrong time of year to visit Disney. No matter when you go, you’ll have a great time.

5) Staying On or Off Property

People are passionate about the best place to stay on a Disney vacation. Staying off property has some advantages. There are several incredible resorts and hotels in the area, and many of them cost less than the Walt Disney World resort hotels. You can also find cheap hotels which cost a fraction of a Disney hotel. After all, a hotel is really just a place to crash after a long day, right? On the other hand, staying on property is convenient, and there are plenty of added benefits. The Disney hotels are all themed and unique, and you’ll be immersed in the Disney magic for your entire vacation. Some people like staying on property so much that they buy a Disney Vacation Club membership. They will happily argue in favor of staying on property to anyone who will listen.

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4) Cost

Disney fans argue about the cost all the time, even when they agree. A Walt Disney World vacation is expensive, even when you can find discounts. Should you try to keep the extras to a minimum, or should you have a once in a lifetime vacation and splurge on everything? How many days should you buy your tickets for? Should you add Park Hopper? Are counter service restaurants a better value than full service? People will even argue about how much should be left for a tip. (Please be generous.) One thing that all families should keep in mind while planning is how much they can afford, even if they intend to go all out. No one wants to end up deep in debt because of a vacation.

3) Disney Dining Plan

Some guests swear by the Disney Dining Plan, while others think that it isn’t worth it. In simplest terms, the DDP is a way to prepay for your meals. You must stay at a Disney resort and there are other restrictions as well. For some people the Disney Dining Plan costs more than they would pay for food if they buy meals themselves. Others find that it’s too much food or that it’s too restrictive. Fans of the plan love the convenience and the fact that they can eat at many different Walt Disney World restaurants. There are different plans to choose from, what works for one family may not be right for another.

2) FastPass+

In 2014 FastPass+ replaced the old paper FASTPASSES. The new system was not widely accepted at first. With it, you can reserve up to three rides or attractions a day. You can make your reservations up to 60 days in advance if you’re staying on property, everyone else can reserve their times 30 days in advance. (There’s more to FastPass+ than that, that’s the simple version.) Many guests are upset because FastPass+ is restrictive. The reservations all have to be in the same park, and many of the more popular rides and attractions run out well in advance of the date. There are others who like knowing ahead of time that their children will be able to meet Anna and Elsa and that they’ll have a seat for Fantasmic!. There is a huge gray area with FastPass+. Those who don’t like it do sometimes like having an important reservation. Those who love it don’t usually like the three-a-day restriction (although a fourth pass is possible after the three have all been used), or the tiers at Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Love it or hate it, Disney is satisfied with FastPass+ and it seems to be here to stay.

1) Frozen in the Parks

Frozen is one of the most successful Disney movies of all times, so it is not surprising that the film is now represented in the parks. The question is, how much is too much Frozen? In 2014 Maelstrom was closed at Epcot to make way for a new ride based on the movie, and it now appears that a good part of the Norway Pavilion is going to be Frozen related. For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration has taken over the Premier Theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, meaning that the shows for Star Wars Weekends will have to be moved. The already mentioned Anna and Elsa meet and greet at the Magic Kingdom has people sometimes standing in line for hours, even with FastPass+. Frozen took over Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the summer of 2014, Anna and Elsa make an appearance in the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade, A Frozen Holiday Wish took place during the Christmas season, and even the annual Christmas parade that is aired on ABC had a Frozen theme in 2014. While many guests think that there is too much Frozen at Walt Disney World right now, others are eating it up. How much is too much is a hot topic of debate. Frozen isn’t keeping people away, and judging by the number of Anna and Elsa T-shirts that are in the parks on any given day not everyone agrees that there’s a Frozen overdose.

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