Eight Reasons I Would Rather Be At Disney

By: Alexandra Blazevich

I’m currently sitting in the hallway in between my college classes on a Monday. It’s a cold, rainy, 35 degree day outside, and I’ve got three more classes to go before I get to go home. I can imagine quite a few places I would rather be, and as you can probably guess, my number one choice is Walt Disney World in “sunny and 75” degree Florida. Aside from just the weather, here is my list of reasons why we would all rather be in Disney.

8) You’ll never run out of things to do there:

Bored at Disney World – NO SUCH THING! Think about it for a second: have you ever run out of things to do on your Walt Disney World vacation? Of course not! That is one of my too reasons of why I would rather be there. Between the parks, resorts, and entertainment, you’re sure to have endless possibilities of fun and new experiences with each trip!

7) You’ll bring back/make new memories:

Reliving your favorite vacation memories and traditions with each visit to Walt Disney World cannot be beat. I’m a sucker for a good memory, and especially the reminiscing that comes with it! And as if the memories weren’t already precious enough on their own, Disney even has this new feature called a “Memory Maker.” This option can be added to your ticket for the price of $169 in advance, or $199 to start using it immediately. With Disney’s Memory Maker you have all your Photo-Pass photos from the parks in one place where you can digitally download them on your computer!

6) There’s no day like a Disney day:

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at home I usually eat the same things, go to the gym, and go to school. That kind of routine is unheard of at Walt Disney World, also known as the ultimate getaway from reality! So take a trip to Disney, where you can ride a roller coaster, go on a safari, and visit eleven countries around the world all in one day!

5) There’s no place quite like it

Have you ever been to a theme park that was as authentically cool as Walt Disney world? Me neither. The combination of classic attractions with new-age technology and entertainment makes Disney World a place unlike any other. Take advantage of all the cool things to do and see while on vacation and see all Walt Disney World has to offer!

4) You don’t have to drive there:

Can I get an AMEN? Now I wouldn’t call myself a lazy person, but if I don’t have to drive, then I don’t want to drive. Fair enough, right? Staying on property at Walt Disney World Resort allows you to do just that. Let them do the driving! You can take a bus, monorail, or boat from anywhere in Disney World to another park or back to your resort.

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3) Someone else cooks your food:

Again, I’m not saying I’m a lazy person, but if someone else can cook gourmet meals for me, (aside from the same old things I make), I’ll take them up on it! Walt Disney World’s food choices range in diversity from popcorn and ice cream to gourmet steak and sushi! Whatever you crave, you’ll be sure to find something to fit your fancy at one of the parks and resorts on property. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal!

2) You can escape the cold and enter a tropical paradise:

For those of us who seem to be feeling stuck in “eternal winter,” (thanks, Elsa), I know that we could use a few days in warm paradise. I, personally, would rather have ninety-degree weather than sit, shivering in my car each morning on the way to work. But hey, that just might be me sitting here with visions of palm trees in my head.

1) Meet new people:

One of the top reasons why I love Walt Disney World vacations is meeting new people! Be it other guests or Cast Members, you’re bound to spend some time talking to other families or groups in line or waiting for a show to start. Cast Members are super friendly and love going the extra mile to talk to guests and make their park/resort experience even more special. Who knows, you could even get picked for a special event or be Grand Marshall of the parade that day. You never know who you might meet!

About Alexandra Blazevich

Hello, my name is Alexandra Blazevich and I am a 22 year old journalist. Put quite simply, I am a Disney addict. I am originally from Cary, North Carolina, a small town just outside of Raleigh. In 2013, I moved to Orlando, Florida to dance with The Orlando Ballet, pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer- but I spent all my free time either in Disney World or thinking about it. Now, I am a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill and write for a various publications, but Disney will always be my favorite subject to write about.