Disney’s New Floral Display Just Broke a 66 Year Tradition

Disneyland Minnie Display
Credit: Disney

For all who have visited Disneyland Resort over the past 66 years, a smiling Mickey Mouse floral display has been there to greet them as they enter the Park. The image is nearly as iconic as Disneyland itself. However, Disney recently decided to break that 66-year tradition. March is Women’s History Month, and Disney decided to honor one of its most famous females — Minnie Mouse. Overnight, Disneyland Park transformed its iconic Mickey into his lovely counterpart with a floral Minnie display.

Disneyland Park

Credit: Disney

Disney Parks Blog shared more about what it took to make the historic change.

A team of 13 Horticulture cast members began the transformation process around midnight March 1, lights illuminating their intricate work. By 6 a.m., the transformation was complete, and Minnie Mouse, with her iconic bow and eyelashes, was center stage.

Horticulture Specialist Stacy Wise was tasked with creating the design in collaboration with her team. “I’m really excited to show my family,” said Stacy, whose passion for horticulture blossomed as a child while helping her father with his landscaping business. “I’m looking forward to getting my picture with the Minnie Mouse design and sending it to my dad.”

Stacy was tearful as she explained what this moment means to her. “It’s amazing that we’re having this step for Women’s History Month, and having Minnie Mouse featured is fantastic,” she said. “Minnie Mouse is just as iconic as Mickey Mouse, and she needs a little face time.”

The Horticulture team shared these fun facts about the floral: 

  • The traditional floral design includes over 1,750 individual plants
  • Minnie Mouse’s bow consists of approximately 750 individual plants, known as Nemesia 
  • The swirls on either side of Minnie Mouse contain over 1,900 individual plants, including pansies, violas and petunias 
Disneyland Minnie Display

Credit: Disney

Disneyland Resort is not the only Disney Park celebrating Women’s History Month. Walt Disney World is doing a number of exciting things, including having female DJs perform in Disney Springs and offering a number of delectable sweets throughout the Resort. There will also be special fitness events and seminars with female entrepreneurs that will take place throughout the month.

Do you love seeing Minnie Mouse at the entrance to Disneyland?

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