Disney Has a Secret Dining Room, but It’s Tricky to Gain Access

The entrance of Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort
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One of Disney’s theme park resorts has a secret dining room. While you don’t need to be a member of Club 33 to get in, you’ll definitely need a little luck and a lot of patience, as the venue only seats 13, and the reservation waiting list is usually about 12 months long.

Credit: Disney

Disney’s Hidden Items

It’s no secret that hidden and disguised things are scattered throughout the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Ok, maybe they begin as secretive, but it doesn’t take too long for Disney superfans-turned-supersleuths to discover the hidden items at a Disney Park.

At Disney World, lightning rods are disguised as a weather vane at the Hall of Presidents attraction at Magic Kingdom and as spires atop the Hollywood Tower Hotel at Hollywood Studios. One rod is even disguised as Mickey’s ear at the top of the tower that extends from the Crossroads kiosk at Hollywood Studios.

lightning rod hall of presidents tower of terror disney world

Credit: Disney Parks

At Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort, there are secret doors that Guests pass by every minute of every day at every theme park inside both Disney Parks Resorts, never knowing they’re there. But they are, and it costs Guests tens of thousands of dollars to walk through them.

Disney’s California Adventure Park

But Disneyland is hiding something else in plain sight at Disney’s California Adventure Park, and it’s the perfect venue for Disney Foodies of any age.

Disneyland is home to the super-exclusive, super-expensive private, membership-allowed-by-invitation-only Club 33. If you want to visit, you’ll just need to blaze through the Court d’Anges and race up the stairs. You’ll also need an invitation and about $25,000 to enter the door.

Disneyland‘s 21 Royal is another exclusive experience that’s perhaps slightly easier to access; Guests can enjoy a 5-hour, 12-person private dinner inside the apartment suite over the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and sit outside on the private balcony to take in Fantasmic! when it returns.

Home - 21 Royal - 21 Royal Disney

Credit: 21RoyalDisneyland

Disney’s Lamplight Lounge

But another exclusive experience at Disneyland–though hidden and not well-known–doesn’t cost guests an arm, a leg, or a membership fee. There’s no entry fee either. However enjoying this experience will cost you some time and patience, as the waiting list to get in this door is about 12 months long.

Disney’s Lamplight Lounge at PIXAR Pier at Disney California Adventure has long been a guest-favorite spot for “artisanal cuisine inspired by artists” and creative cocktails. Disneyland fans love the venue’s lobster nachos, but even those who visit often don’t usually know about the Disneyland Park secret.

Lamplight Lounge

Credit: Disney Parks

The Office

Hidden within the walls of the Lamplight Lounge is a tiny place called “The Office,” which opened in 2018 after the refurbishment of Cove Bar and the former Ariel’s Grotto was completed.

The Office is hidden behind a door that opens to the back of the restaurant. Through that door and down an old industrial-style hallway, there sits an old bank vault. Guests who want to get a table at “The Office” have to unlock an elaborate mechanism on the vault and crank it open to get inside the venue.

According to SFGate, “The Office” is tiny, but it’s uber-interesting:

“Once in, you’re treated to a private dining space that fits up to 13 people. The centerpiece of the room is a large, wooden rectangular table that’s nestled in the corner, surrounded by cozy booth seating and chairs, all outfitted with brown leather. The room’s rusty red walls are adorned with dozens of original black and white sketches by notable Pixar animators, arranged in an only-at-Disney-style gallery wall.

“On the other side of the room is a sitting area with large, leather armchairs and a small table for drinks. Retro board games, like Chinese checkers, are hung decoratively on the wall, but Guests are encouraged to take them down to play. A private balcony, visible from the pedestrian bridge along Pixar Pier, is complete with views of the Incredicoaster’s launch. The entire space is intimate.”

MiceChat on Twitter: "An exclusive space for lucky selected parties, the Lamplight Lounge space called "The Office" is a special room entered via a mysterious door, and is adorned with caricatures of

Credit: MiceChat

How Do Guests Get In? 

But it’s darn near impossible to score the venue. How do other guests get in?

“I truly lucked out on my first visit to The Office,” shares Beci Mahnken, a regular Disneyland visitor and a Club 33 member. “I had heard of a secret room from a friend, so when we showed up for our reservation, I simply asked if it was available. To our delight, it was!”

Mahnken says her favorite part of the experience is cracking the code before gaining entrance to the venue.

“You have to crack the code to gain entrance, making it a fun, interactive experience, setting the stage for the story unfolding in front of you,” she explained. “It’s like discovering a speakeasy and knowing the password.”

Miranda Lee couldn’t believe it when she was able to visit in 2018.

girl at lamplight lounge the office

Credit: Instagram/@MagicalMiranda

“I was visiting [Disney California Adventure] with a group of eight, and we had Lamplight Lounge reservations,” Lee says. “When we went to check in, they confirmed we had eight people and then escorted us to The Office. It wasn’t until we were walking into a back area of Lamplight that we were told where we were going. We had no idea this special area existed!”

Lee says her favorite thing about The Office is the ability to take it easy on the private balcony and watch the sunset while hearing the sounds of delighted Guests enjoying the park.

Casey Maute visited the Lamplight Lounge and luckily scored a visit to The Office with her party of 10. Hers was one of the first big groups of the day, so she got lucky in that respect.

group of guests at lamplight lounge disneyland the office

Credit: Instagram/@CaseyandtheBear

“Our server recommended the special cocktail that is served only in The Office,” Maute said.

“The Office” is a specialty cocktail, and it’s only available at the exclusive and hidden venue. Guests report that it’s made with Tito’s vodka, watermelon liqueur, berry smoothie mix, and agave. It’s then served in a martini glass with fresh raspberries.

Here’s an additional video about the experience shared on TikTok by Benchlandia. Check out the video below:


The Office- Lamplight Lounges SECRET dining room! #disneyland #disneysecrets

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) – Kenyi

The Office sounds like an amazing place inside Disney California Adventure Park, that is, if you can get in the door.

Have you ever experienced The Office? Let us know in the comments!

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