Grown Man Climbs Onto Disney Vehicle, Throws Tantrum When Asked To Get Down

Guest on left climbing a vehicle at Disneyland Resort Avenger's Campus
Credit: Disney Dining

Disneyland Resort guests are furious after an adult man climbed onto a prop Jeep in Avengers Campus. The vehicle later disappeared from the Disney California Adventure Park land, leading some online to blame “entitled boomers” for ruining things for rule-following fans.

Fans aren’t shy about criticizing the Southern California Disney parks. Common complaints include increasing Disney Park ticket prices, crowds, Disney Genie+/Individual Lightning Lanes, Early Entry rules, and increasing maintenance issues. Most often, though, unruly guests diminish the Disneyland Resort experience rather than anything caused by The Mouse.

"it's a small world" hippo in the Magic Kingdom

Credit: Brittany DiCologero, Inside the Magic

Last year, dozens of Disneyland Park guests were stuck on “it’s a small world” after an intoxicated man climbed out of his ride vehicle and onto the attraction set. He climbed around a few scenes before stripping naked and swimming down the ride path, making it to the outside part of “it’s a small world” before security dragged him out of the theme park.

This week, a Disneyland Resort guest vented online after their father refused to listen to their warnings, forcing a Disney cast member to intervene. They shared a photo of the man climbing onto a prop jeep in Avengers Campus.

Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure in Disneyland

Credit: Hilary / Flickr

“Does anybody else have to tell their parents not to climb on stuff and touch things at the park?” Redditor u/brutalbrig asked. “Yes he got in trouble from a cast member for this.”

Does anybody else have to tell their parents not to climb on stuff and touch things at the park.
byu/brutalbrig inDisneyland

Some commenters noted that the Jeep disappeared from Avengers Campus this week–one commenter blamed it on “entitled boomers.” (Inside the Magic could not confirm whether it has since returned.)

“He’s probably the reason they had to put it away,” the guest added. “I apologize on his behalf. If you see a sign saying no climbing or if it’s roped off now, you know why. The exchange went like this. Dad: ’Cause if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be d**n sure we’ll avenge it!’ CM: ‘Sir you’re going to have to come down.’”

“This is why they ended up removing the car,” u/germanloza wrote.

“Interesting,” said u/trer24. “That doesn’t look like a young child who doesn’t know any better…”

Others blamed Disneyland Resort for placing a climbable object within guests’ range without warning signs or a rope divider.

“Crazy idea but if you don’t want people touching stuff, put it somewhere they can’t touch it,” u/rangersnuggles commented.

An overlook of Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure at night.

Credit: Disney

“I’m sorry, but just going off the photo above, that legitimately looks like something they expect people to climb on and take a picture with,” u/Additional-Sky-7436 agreed.

Some Disney Parks fans weren’t bothered by this instance of rule-breaking.

“I get why he got in trouble,” u/RunsUpTheSlide replied. “But just that his grown-up imagination is so strong he’s living it out in the parks makes me smile.”

Have other guests negatively impacted your Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort vacation? Share your experience with us in the comments.

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