Disney World Saves High School Drop Out From Bleak Future

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Recently, a former Disney program graduate explained how that experience helped them build a stable life after dropping out of high school.

Any Disney Park anywhere in the world is well known for being one of the best places in the world to enjoy a Disney vacation. Whether it’s going to the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida or the Disneyland Resort in Southern California, there’s a lot to love about the Disney experience.

And with rides and attractions like Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom Park and lands like Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, it’s unsurprising this is the case.

cinderella castle magic kingdom

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Greg Park, Unsplash

While the Disney Park experience is what is primarily talked about in this context, there’s another way one can take in the sights and scenes at the Walt Disney World Resort, and that’s through doing a Disney program.

Many young people spend time working one of the various Disney programs, be that the Disney College Program (one of the most well-known ways to engage with Disney, especially as a cast member), the Disney Culinary Program, or the Disney International Program.

Alex and Ani closing Disney Springs

Disney Springs / Credit: Disney

The Disney College Program allows students to gain work experience and “expand” their resumes while still in college and building a “network of connections and friendships” along the way. The program allows students to “study and create the Disney magic” that is renowned all over the world.

The Dinsey Culinary Program is similar but in the culinary world. It offers students the chance to “expand your skillset through access to best-in-class training with experienced Disney chefs in a variety of areas such as catering, fast casual, baking, fine dining and our beloved seasonal festivals at EPCOT.”

Finally, Disney International Programs are the third in the trifecta. These consist of academic and cultural exchange programs and a cultural representative program that allows you the chance to gain real-world experience in fields like customer service.

And, if a recent anecdote is to be believed, taking part in that program can help set one up for a better future.

Recently, a young high schooler took to X, formerly Twitter, to ask, “Anyone dropped out of highschool and still have a successful life after it srs question cuz im considering.” 

A former Disney program worker took the time to answer the high schooler’s question.

They explained, “as long as you have some kind of basic qualifications (idk how american schools work), i think you’ll be fine? i dropped out of high school and did a program at disneyworld, and now i got a job at an aquarium, i’m pretty happy so idk! it also depends on what you wanna do.” 

disney's hollywood studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Considering the details revealed in the commenter’s answer, it’s likely they participated in one of the Disney International Programs. The program member’s experience working with Disney was clearly positive enough that they were comfortable recommending it to more folks to consider.

It’s a heartening story of how the Disney magic changed yet another fan’s life.

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