Disney World Cuts Traditional Offerings, Removing From Park

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Walt Disney World Resort is embracing the future of retail by gradually phasing out what guests have come to know as tradition.

Guests visiting some of the most iconic shops within Walt Disney World have noticed the disappearance of cash registers, making way for the convenience of mobile checkout through the My Disney Experience app. This shift reflects Disney’s commitment to enhancing guest satisfaction and staying at the forefront of innovation.

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Belle tweeted on X(formally known as Twitter) That the Emporium located in Magic Kingdom is heading towards the future by removing cash registers and having mobile checkouts available.

Removing cash registers from the parks is a way of the future; however, some guests may think this will cause them to use the mobile check out and many do not wish to use even more technology on a vacation where they’re trying to relax and recuperate.

While traditional cash register setups will still be available in these shops, Disney’s encouragement of mobile checkout underscores its dedication to providing guests with efficient and user-friendly experiences. The Mobile Checkout feature, introduced in 2020, is now accessible at numerous locations across Walt Disney World theme parks and Disney Springs.

Mobile Checkout

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Disney World is thinking ahead and hoping stepping back from cash registers will help simplify the purchasing process and minimize wait times, allowing guests to enjoy Disney parks’ magic more. With just a few taps on their smartphones, guests can browse merchandise, select items, and complete transactions seamlessly without queueing at a traditional cash register.

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Mobile checkouts can help optimize staffing resources, reduce congestion at checkout counters, and provide valuable insights into guest purchasing behavior. This should allow guests to spend less time waiting in lines at Disney stores and more time at attractions or enjoying strolling around the magical Disney parks.

The move towards mobile checkouts was started last year when cash register stands were removed from locations such as the Island Mercantile shop at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Since then, this trend has extended to other popular destinations like the Emporium at Magic Kingdom and Mickey’s of Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Guests trying to use mobile checkout can head to Disney’s official website with instructions on how to checkout. It’s as easy as 6 steps

  1. Guests need a Disney account! Download and open the My Disney Experience app and sign in or create an account.
  2. Select the “+” icon and find the merchandise mobile checkout option.
  3. Scan the barcodes on your merchandise as you shop.
  4. Select “Check Out” and pay on your phone. (Eligible discounts will be automatically applied.)
  5. Show your QR confirmation code to a Disney Cast Member before you exit the shop.
  6. You’re all set! We will email you a receipt.

What are your thoughts on Disney World moving towards the future and away from cash registers?

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