Disney World Imposes New Ban: 200,000 Guests Restricted

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Walt Disney World Resort, like any theme park, is compelled to enforce rules and regulations to ensure all guests’ safety, comfort, and enjoyment. These rules are necessary to maintain order and create an environment where families and individuals can have a positive and memorable experience.

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Guests undergo screenings and bag checks before entering Disney parks to enhance security measures. This allows Disney security to ensure prohibited items are not making its way into the parks.

Lately, a common rule that has been broken is the dress code. Guests have been wearing overly revealing clothing or “offensive attire,” including clothing with profanity or vulgar imagery. Additionally, guests over 14 are prohibited from wearing costumes except during Halloween events.

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One item that is prohibited but guests seem to still bring to the parks in hopes of using is selfie sticks. Disney has selfie sticks listed as prohibited items to bring into the parks due to guests trying to use them on rides or accidentally hitting another guest.

Disney continues to update and change the list of prohibited items to ensure guests’ safety. The latest item that is now banned from Disney is the newly popular Apple Vision Pro, which has sold more than 200,000 headsets since preorders opened.

Recently, YouTuber Mickey shared a video of him wearing his Apple Vision Pro at Disney World. This shows that he made it through security before being told that his new VR headset was now banned at Disney World.

During the video, if you skip to 9 minutes and 50 seconds, you can hear Mickey explain why his VR headset is now banned at Disney World. This product is banned because it is like a mask, which are banned at Disney World other than for medical purposes.

Disney may reconsider its stance on allowing the Apple Vision Pro in the future, but for now, security protocols mandate its exclusion from park attire.

Disney fans who have Apple Vision Pro should be excited about a major announcement “that began earlier this monght on its popular streaming platform. Disney+ subscribers can now enjoy Disney’s iconic stories in a new dimension, courtesy of Apple’s spatial computing technology, at no extra charge.”

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While Disney’s official website has not been updated with adding VR headsets to the list of prohibited items guests looking to plan ahead for their vacation and wondering what is allowed into the parks should go ahead and be prepared to leave their VR sets at the hotel before visiting “The Most Magical Place on Earth.”

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