NEW: Disney to Swap out Problematic Opening-Day Attraction for Modern Alternative

Disneyland Resort entrance
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This year has been the year of swapping out Disney’s “problematic” rides and attractions for new and modern alternatives. While many of these changes have received negative backlash from fans (we’re looking at you, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure), this latest development seems to be a change everyone can rejoice in.

Disneyland Attraction to Receive Modern Update

If there is one opening-day attraction that has not evolved well into the modern age, it is Autopia at Disneyland Resort. This attraction, which allows young Disney Park guests to drive cars for the first time, was cutting edge when it was released back in 1955 at Disneyland Park. However, as decades have passed, the ride has faced criticism for its overwhelming fumes and wasteful nature.

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Autopia Disneyland

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This beloved Disneyland ride allows visitors to get behind the wheel of their own car and cruise along a themed highway, giving them a taste of the open road in a family-friendly setting. With its futuristic design and interactive elements, Autopia offers a unique experience where guests of all ages can enjoy the thrill of driving in a safe and controlled environment.

The attraction’s colorful cars and vibrant scenery make it a fun visit for those looking to immerse themselves in the magic of Disneyland Park. To many, Autopia Disneyland truly captured the essence of Walt Disney’s vision for a place where dreams come to life through innovative and engaging attractions. However, the ride is no longer as cutting-edge as it once was.

Since the beginning, each Autopia car has been powered by gasoline, which has resulted in fumes overwhelming guests in the area. Now that the country has embraced eclectic vehicles, it seems more than time for Disneyland Park to modernize these car rides as well.


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Disney Releases Announcement

Now, Disneyland Resort officials have confirmed their plans to upgrade the Autopia cars by replacing the traditional pure gas engines with more environmentally friendly options in the coming years. This initiative aligns with Disney’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovative technology within their park attractions. By phasing out the gas engines, Disneyland aims to enhance the guest experience while also reducing the environmental impact of the popular Autopia ride.

The transition to eco-friendly alternatives reflects a broader industry trend toward incorporating electric vehicles and cutting-edge propulsion systems in theme park attractions. This strategic move by Disneyland Resort showcases its dedication to staying at the forefront of immersive, forward-thinking experiences for visitors of all ages. The forthcoming updates to the Autopia cars underscore Disney’s continuous efforts to blend classic entertainment with modern advancements for a truly magical and responsible theme park experience.

Unlike many of Disney’s other modern updates, it is hard to believe that any Disney fan will be upset over this incoming update. Hopefully, this will also lead to the same change happening at Magic Kingdom Park’s Tomorrowland Speedway attraction as well.

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