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Has Disneyland Already Begun Draining Splash Mountain?

For decades, Splash Mountain has been one of Disney’s most iconic and popular attractions. The log flume ride was so successful it was recreated in Walt Disney World Resort and Tokyo Disneyland Resort. However, after carefully considering how offensive the source material has been toward the African American community, the Walt Disney Company has decided to close Splash Mountain’s doors ...

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Universal’s Forbidden Journey or Disney’s Cosmic Rewind: Which Gives Guests More Motion Sickness?

harry potter and the forbidden journey (left), cosmicrewind (right)

Universal Orlando Resort and Walt Disney World Resort could be considered next-door neighbors in the grand scheme of things. They’re not far from each other, so it is no surprise that many visitors have visited both Resorts. Those who have visited Universal’s Islands of Adventures and Walt Disney World’s EPCOT recently had an interesting online discussion regarding two of the ...

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PSA to All Disney Guests: Fellow Guests Can’t Stand These Common Park Habits

Disneyland Resort’s tagline is “the Happiest Place on Earth,” while Walt Disney World’s is ”the Most Magical Place on Earth.” It can’t be denied that both are true. But despite visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth during a Walt Disney World vacation, some things can ruin the magic for visitors. According to a recent social media thread discussing Disney ...

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This Disney Park May Not Reopen

weather alert over images of the pool at typhoon lagoon

The Walt Disney World Resort has shut down Typhoon Lagoon ahead of its grand reopening due to inclement weather delays. Will it ever reopen? After undergoing a long hiatus in 2022 for repairs, Walt Disney World was set to reopen this theme park yesterday, on Mach 19, 2023. Unfortunately, Disney Parks decided to push back the opening date due to ...

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Universal Studios Theme Park to Close

a white woman in a black one piece suit with long brown hair faces the camera over her shoulder in a pool of water before volcano bays volcano with CLOSED over her in blue lettering

This popular theme park will close at the Universal Orlando Resort is closing today due to unforeseen circumstances to the disappointment of Guests. RELATED: Universal Fans Rejoice Over Wizarding World of Harry Potter Update! After the success of Universal Studios Hollywood’s studio tour and accompanying attractions added in the 1960s and ’70s, the company turned its sights towards Orlando, Florida, already ...

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Disney Guest Caught In Restricted Area, Taking Photos

cinderella castle magic kingdom

Walt Disney World Resort is known for its fun-filled and magical experiences, but sometimes Guests can get carried away and break the rules. From jumping over fences to attempting to climb on attractions, these rule-breaking incidents not only endanger the safety of the guests themselves but also disrupt the experience of other visitors. Walt Disney World Resort is known as “The Most ...

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Another Disney Influencer Speaks Up About “Attack”

Disneyland Castle

Disneyland Resort is known the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but another Disney Influencer recently came out about an “attack” that was witnessed at Princess Nite. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort see thousands of Guests daily. With this number of Guests, anything can happen. Guests have been spotted cussing out Disney Cast Members, fighting with other Disney Guests in ...

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New Toontown Attraction is a Huge Letdown

Toontown fail

This is honestly a pretty embarrassing moment for Disney. The newly reimagined Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland is finally welcoming new Guests this weekend. Parkgoers have been waiting to see the land for a year now, and the anticipation has been building. Now that Guests are finally able to explore the new land, the feedback has begun to roll in. Most ...

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VIDEO: Disney Cast Members Fall to Their Knees Seeing This Fireworks Show

cast members react to happily ever after fireworks

The return of this beloved fireworks show at the Walt Disney World Resort has Disney Cast Members falling to their knees, singing, chanting, and dancing for the first time in forever. RELATED: Disney World to Celebrate Animal Kingdom’s 25th Anniversary, IF the Park’s Still Open By Then Walt Disney World has no shortage of wonderful experiences. Indeed, as the Most Magical ...

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