Disney Halts Access to Magic Kingdom Park; No Park Hopping Allowed

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For many visitors to Walt Disney World Resort, park hopping is a convenient way to make the most of your day there. With the ability to visit multiple parks in one day, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Disney like never before. Magic Kingdom, with its iconic Cinderella Castle and classic attractions, is a must-visit destination for Disney enthusiasts of all ages, making it a popular destination to park-hop to.

However, guests visiting today are no longer available to access the park via the Park Hopper option. The result of this change has been lots of chaos and disappointment for fans.

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Disney Discontinues Park Hopper Service Mid-Day

A few months ago, Disney announced that theme park reservations would no longer be required at Walt Disney World Resort. This means that fans who have a Park Hopper ticket would be able to go to whichever park they please as long as there is room. The website says;

“Guests with a ticket with Park Hopper benefits or an Annual Pass will be able to visit another theme park at any time of day during park hours, after entering their first park (subject to capacity limitations).”

In a surprising twist, it now seems that park-hopping guests are not being allowed into Magic Kingdom Park. As of today, park hopping to Magic Kingdom Park is temporarily suspended for any guest without a reservation. Guests who have secured park reservations are still able to enjoy all the magic and wonder this iconic park has to offer.

Disney updated their app to show that the option to park-hop had been suspended as of this afternoon, which has resulted in a lot of confusion from fans who were planning on doing so.

Many people meticulously plan their Disney vacations for every hour of every day, so fans are not all happy that Disney is making such a surprising change. As of now, the reasoning behind this sudden change is unknown, but some believe it could be due to overcapacity or the severe storm that swept the parks yesterday.

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What Will Happen Moving Forward?

As of now, no update has been given to guests as to when this restriction will be lifted. This is uncharted territory, so we will be waiting patiently to see a response from Disney as to how this happened.

For now, the other three theme parks, Disney Animal Kingdom Park, EPCOT, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park, are all open and available for park hopping. As a reminder, you are allowed into Magic Kingdom Park if you have a valid theme park reservation.

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  1. Once again Disney can’t get it together. Part of what you pay for is gone? How is it that Universal doesn’t require reservations and doesn’t have this issue. Did anyone ever think that the stupid reservation system is the issue

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