Disney Guests Frustrated By Soaring Prices

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. Walt Disney World is supposed to be a magical destination for families to enjoy together. As prices continue to increase, some fans wonder if Walt Disney World is worth the increasing price.

EPCOT at Night

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Vacation Costs

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, most guests take time to set their budget. The budget includes the resort stay, tickets, and food costs. In the last few years, the soaring cost of food and drinks throughout Walt Disney World has many guests questioning if Disney is still the “Most Magical Place on Earth.”

It has never been a secret that a trip to Walt Disney World isn’t cheap. What shocked visitors was the rising cost of food. This holiday season, many guests took to Reddit to express their frustration with the cost of food throughout the Walt Disney World Resort property.

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Increasing Cost

The increased food and drink costs throughout Walt Disney World frustrate many guests. Even acknowledging that inflation has hit everywhere, guests feel that the prices they see at Walt Disney World are more extreme than other vacation destinations.

“I’m pretty sure I spent $500 on food and drinks for three days doing Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT,” one Redditor wrote on Thanksgiving.

Other guests look at how it can cost over $200 every time the family chooses to sit down for a meal together at a Disney restaurant. This high price tag has some guests looking at eating off-property to save money.

The cost of a Disney vacation has gotten so high that some vacation-goers have looked at traveling overseas instead, claiming that they could enjoy two weeks in Europe for the cost of a Disney vacation.

When a meal at the highly sought-after Cinderella’s Royal Table costs $84/adult and $49 for guests three to nine years old, it isn’t surprising to hear guests questioning the cost of dining when at Walt Disney World.

Disney Genie

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Disney Genie

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Other Increases

It isn’t just dining costs that have increased at Walt Disney World. Those visiting this holiday season also saw a considerable increase in Geine+ and Individual Lightning Lanes.

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Guests can purchase these two features to skip the stand-by lines throughout the four Disney Parks. The cost of these features is based on and fluctuates based on crowds. Those visiting this Thanksgiving week might have been shocked by the drastic increase that took place overnight. As guests prepared for a magical day, the cost of Genie+ might have started their day off rough. For the first time since April, Genie+ reached $35/person for Magic Kingdom and the Multiple Park option.

Although most guests traveling to Walt Disney World are budgeting for Genie+ if they plan to use it, it can be hard to do so when the price isn’t set. Having the price jump overnight can be a massive hit to a budget.

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This concern was also discussed by guests stating that “Last November around the same time [we paid] $11 [per person] for Rise of the Resistance. This year? $22 PER PERSON,” the frustrated Redditor wrote.

These rising prices at Walt Disney World are causing some guests to question if a trip to Walt Disney World is truly magical. Will Disney adjust to help make Disney more budget-friendly for guests again?






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