Disney Employee Blasts Company For Supporting Abortion-Related Travel

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On June 24, The Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade — the precedent that protected a woman’s right to choose to get an abortion if she wanted. Not long after the decision was made, many companies quickly came out and said that they would pay for medical and travel expenses if their employees needed to go out of state to obtain the medical procedure. One of those companies was Disney, which sent out a memo telling employees that they would continue to cover those expenses, either for the employee or the dependents on their insurance.

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While many praised Disney for speaking up and showing support for its employees, some did not like what Disney said they would do. One of those people is Jose Castillo. Castillo is a Florida resident who is not only running for a seat in Congress, but is also an employee at The Walt Disney Company. According to his LinkedIn profile, Castillo has worked for Disney for nine years and is currently a Resort Duty Manager. Castillo is an outspoken Republican, who has publicly voiced his disapproval of Disney’s stance on Roe.

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After Disney announced that they would be covering abortion-related travel and medical expenses, Castillo spoke to The New York Post, which reported the following:

“Disney knew full well that this memo would be leaked and make national news. “They sent it anyway because Disney wants to make a political statement and attempt, once more, to influence our country’s political process.”

“This is yet another attempt by Disney to take a political stance that will inevitably alienate potential customers,” Castillo said.

“As we have seen in recent months Disney’s political activism has hurt the company financially and it is my belief that the Board of Directors is violating it’s fiduciary duty to shareholders by continuing to comment on divisive political matters.”

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This is not the first time that Castillo has spoken out about his disapproval of things Disney has done. When Disney spoke out against the passing of Florida’s passing of the Parental Rights in Education Bill. Many believed that the bill will target the LGBTQ+ community, and Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that the company would work to see the bill overturned.

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Disney speaking out against the Parental Rights Bill quickly embroiled them in a heated battle against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who quickly worked to pass a bill stripping Disney of its self-governing status. When asked about Disney’s stance on the bill, Castillo said that the silent majority of Disney employees actually supported the bill, but feared speaking up due to retaliation.

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