“Disney Drag Extravaganza” Causes Public Uproar

Disney Drag Show
Credit: Disney and Out and About

A Disney-themed drag event has made some serious waves on the internet. The “All Ages Disney Drag Extravaganza” has stirred up some strong feelings among a lot of people who find the event inappropriate for children. Now, a group of protesters is planning to do all they can to shut down the “Out and About” event. As of now, the event is planning to go on as scheduled on April 5, but the protesters hope that this is not the case.

Disney Drag

Credit: Out and About

Protesters Attempt to Shut Down Disney Drag Show

There have recently been some huge debates Nationally over if Drag shows are okay for children to attend. This has been a very divisive topic, especially in recent months. Multiple states have implemented bans again Drag shows, specifically the ones that perform for children. Even in states that do allow all-ages drag shows, conflict and drama are still prevalent.

This was proven when a club in Pasco, Washington, announced their upcoming show. The show is their “All Ages Disney Drag Extravaganza.” A flyer for the event made waves on a private Facebook group of Franklin County Republicans. Concerned citizens who are part of the group are concerned over the event. One group member wrote, “Kids don’t belong at night clubs, sexual burlesque shows, strip clubs or story hours and they don’t belong at drag shows.”

Cinderella Castle

Earlier this week, members of the Facebook group began calling the Franklin County commissioners to try and shut down the event. The commissioner is telling angry citizens to contact the Walt Disney Company to see if they will shut it down. “Disney really protects their intellectual property. So, if you may have a complaint there, that’s where I would suggest you start,” he said.

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

Credit: Disney

Drag Performers Keep Fighting for Show

The Drag performers, however, are determined to keep performing despite the protesters. They believe that the show is entirely appropriate, and they reiterate that there is no adult humor or explicit content. Andrea Wabaunsee, an event organizer for Out and About says the event is child friendly. “I think the misinterpretation here is that a lot of people who misunderstand the culture just think that drag and anything to that nature would be inherently sexual, and I think they think that way and put two and two together because they believe queer culture is inherently sexual, and that is not necessarily a truthful point,” she said.

As of now, the event will happen as scheduled on April 5 and 8 p.m.

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