Dining Review Of The Polite Pig At Walt Disney World

My family has become more and more enthusiastic about Disney Springs and all of the “Fast Casual” offerings they have for meals.  I have been excited about the Polite Pig since it was first announced as we are big fans of barbecue, but at the same time I was a bit skeptical.  See I live in North Carolina where BBQ is a noun, and it means pig smoked over hard woods.  And I am very close to one of the BBQ capitals of the world, so I am a little particular about my ‘cue.  I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and really hoped for the best for our first visit to the Polite Pig—and it had one big thing going for it, the sign.  We judge BBQ places here by the pig on the sign, the more human characteristics it has, the better the BBQ (just a fun little side note).

The Polite Pig is in a great and very convenient location.  If you park in the Lime garage it is immediately to your right as you come down the steps into Disney Springs.  Just around the corner is the World of Disney and Lego Shop, and if you go to the left you’ll run into many of the national retailers in Disney Springs.

We arrived at the Polite Pig a little early for the dinner crowd on a week night, and only had a short line to wait in—just long enough to decide exactly what we wanted to order to share around the table.  The queue can get fairly long with lots of switchbacks in place.  You place your order in the line and pay, and are given a device to place on your table for the food to be delivered.

There is inside seating, a bar, and an outside lounge area to accommodate guests.  We did not try any of the extensive list from the bourbon bar and just focused on the food for this visit.  Once you are seated a server will greet you—not only will they deliver your food, but if you decide to order more (which we did) they can take your order for you.  The atmosphere in Polite Pig is reminiscent of many of the other newer Disney Springs restaurants like Blaze Pizza, D-Luxe Burger and Homecomin’ –sort of a mix between an industrial feeling with a casual, comfortable feel, continuing the storyline of the Springs.

We decided to sample multiple meats and sides for the table so we could taste a variety.  With the meat plates (or trays as they are served) you can pick one of the market sides to go along with it.  It is also served with a roll that is buttered and seasoned (yum) and an apple slaw.  We had the beef brisket with coffee rub, the half chicken with citrus rub, and the pork shoulder with Polite Pig rub.  To complement the meats they have a sauce bar where you can sample a variety of BBQ sauces.    I found all three meats to be tender, juicy and well prepared.  Even the pork shoulder when compared to what we are “used to” here at home.  In fact, I felt like the meats were better by themselves without the sauces from the bar, but we did enjoy sampling those around to compare.  My favorite was the brisket with a great smoky flavor, and melt in your mouth tender.  The chicken was probably my second choice falling off the bone, followed by the pork shoulder (which was also very, very good).  One other person at our table got the “Southern Pig” sandwich, and he gave it 2 thumbs up.

For sides we sampled the mac & cheese, the smoked corn with lime butter, and the BBQ cauliflower.  Hands down the cauliflower was the winner for me here.  The flavor was so unique and the texture was perfect.  I also enjoyed the corn, and the mac & cheese.

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So, the thing we forgot to order was dessert!  And while no one really had room for it, I had heard a lot of things about the signature Orange Blossom Honey Cake which is the one item that is not prepared in house, but sourced from I believe a place near Tampa.  And, we couldn’t break Polite Pig rule #4 (“Never Say No To The Dessert Menu”).  This ended up being good because we also got to test out the table service aspect by ordering it from our server.  She returned with it promptly, and let me tell you it is good!  The flavor is intense and the cake is dense, so it was both a rich and light dessert if that is possible.  The flavors were light but intense if that makes sense.  And it was a whopping big piece of cake that we shared among 3 people.  It was very good and I recommend it as the perfect ending to your meal at the Polite Pig.  Our server brought the bill for the cake and I added gratuity to that for not only the cake but the other service provided.  If you do not take advantage of ordering from the table you may want to consider tipping for the service they offer delivering your food and cleaning your table.

I really can’t say enough good things about the Polite Pig.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much we all enjoyed the food, the service was very attentive, and at the current price points I think it is a great value at Walt Disney World.  The amount and quality of food that you receive on a tray is really excellent for the price.  It is hard to choose now between all of the great dining options at Disney Springs, but I definitely recommend carving out some time to try out the BBQ from the Polite Pig on your next vacation.  Everyone around our table agreed that we will be coming back.

Have you tried the Polite Pig?  What did you think?

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