Disney Cruise Line Updates Cruising Policy For Those Recently Recovered From COVID

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In January, Disney Cruise Line began requiring all Guests 5 and over to show proof of vaccination before they are allowed to board their cruise ship. Guests under 5 are required to show a negative COVID test — although it is important to note that rapid at-home tests are not acceptable forms of testing. Proof of vaccination or a negative test result must be uploaded to the Safe Passage website before the cruise, but there was one issue some Guests were dealing with. Guests who recently recovered from COVID were still testing positive and unable to upload a negative test result.

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According to the CDC, those who test positive for COVID may continue to receive a positive test result up to 3 months after their infection. People are only contagious for a few days after they begin to experience symptoms, but the positive results may continue to pop up. Disney Cruise Line has recently updated its travel information site to help those Guests who have tested positive but are considered safe to travel.


According to the Disney Cruise Line website:

Guests Recently Recovered from COVID-19: In some cases, people who have recently recovered from COVID-19 may still test positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. If Guests have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 within 11 to 90 days of their sail date, they may qualify to be considered as “90-Day-Recovered.” With the appropriate documentation and subsequent approval, Guests considered “90-Day-Recovered” are not required to participate in COVID-19 testing during the Pre-Sail, Embarkation or Disembarkation phases of their voyage. For details on what documentation is required, please visit Before Leaving Home: Know Before You Go.

Disney Cruise Line

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It is important to note that Guests who have recovered from COVID must have received their initial positive result a minimum of 11 days before their scheduled Disney Cruise. All other negative tests must be done no closer than 24 hours before the scheduled cruise and no earlier than three days before your trip. Again, a COVID test will only be acceptable to Guests ages 4 and under. All other Guests MUST be vaccinated and upload proof of full vaccination — which means that they have received one dose of an acceptable one-dose-only vaccine (like Johnson & Johnson) or both doses of two-dose vaccines (like Pfizer or Moderna).

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Currently, the Disney Cruise Line does not require proof of receiving a booster shot to sail. However, please remember that you must have received your full vaccination at least 14 days before your cruise in order to be able to board.

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