Disney Cruise Line Ship Halts in Middle of Atlantic, Helps Capsized Boat

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The Disney Dream took a pit stop in the middle of the Atlantic yesterday evening as the ship attempted to assist in what appeared to be an urgent emergency.

Disney Dream ship, adorned with elegant golden designs, sails on the open ocean under a clear sky, showcasing its vast scale and modern structure.

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Disney Cruise Line sets sail on a fleet of five marvelous ships. The Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, launched in 1997 and 1998, respectively, are considered the veteran vessels of the Disney Cruise Line family. Known for their cozy size and enchanting Disney atmosphere, these ships are perfect for families looking for a classic Disney cruise experience.

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, sister ships launched in 2010 and 2012, offer a bit more space compared to the classic ships.

The newest member of the fleet is the Disney Wish, which set sail for the first time in 2022. As the first in the Triton Class, the Disney Wish introduces innovative experiences like the immersive storytelling environment in the Disney Wish-verse.

Mickey and Minnie on the Disney Cruise Line ships

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The future promises to be even brighter for Disney Cruise Line, with three more ships scheduled to join the fleet. The Disney Treasure, set for a late 2024 debut, will be the second ship in the Triton Class. Disney Adventure and Disney Destiny are also on the horizon, with launches planned for 2025.

No matter what Disney ship you are on, cast members ensure that guest safety is their top priority. 

For example, just days ago, the U.S. Coast Guard responded to a pregnant passenger in need of assistance aboard the Disney Fantasy, conducting an airlift operation to transport her from the ship in the middle of the Atlantic to Puerto Rico, approximately 200 miles away.

The 35-year-old woman faced health issues requiring more extensive medical attention than what was available onboard.

Fireworks show at the Disney Cruise Line at Barcelona, Spain

Credit: Disney

Utilizing a rescue basket and litter, the woman and the ship’s doctor were lifted onto the helicopter, which then flew them to the Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Subsequently, she was transferred to Centro Medico Hospital for further treatment.

Disney will also stop to help other ships in the water if they appear to be in distress.

Last night, Kevin John O’Connor, a passenger on the Disney Dream, posted a reel to the Disney Cruise Line Facebook group, stating that the ship stopped moving to help what appeared to be a capsized boat in the water.

The boat was crossing the Atlantic to get to Spain when it stopped, and as we can see from Kevin’s post, it is certainly an upside down boat.

Kevin reported that there were no visible signs of life from the incident.

Two side-by-side images showing close-ups of an object from the Disney Cruise Line floating on the Atlantic at night, illuminated dimly, making it unclear what the object is.

Credit: Kevin John O’Connor

The Blast reported that guest Jose Carreon on the Disney Dream had passed a capsized boat late evening on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. “Shortly thereafter, an announcement came over the loudspeakers, informing the passengers that the ship had to turn around and investigate. The ship stopped for approximately 30 minutes but then left the site. According to Mr. Carreon, the captain of the Disney Dream contacted local authorities.”

The publication spoke to other passengers including Lacey Harris, who said, “they saw lights and a capsized catamaran off the starboard side and would be stopping to investigate.” Ms. Harris witnessed the captain and crew “shine the big searchlight on the wreckage for about 30 minutes.”

“They searched the water and wreckage, but no one was found. After they realized no one would be found, the Captain came back [over the loudspeaker] and announced they would be continuing on to Ponta Delgada and thanked us for our patience.”

Earlier this year, we reported that Disney conducted a successful rescue mission on New Year’s Eve, once again stopping their boat to provide aid.

The crew spotted a small boat in distress north of Havana, Cuba. Cruise lines helping stranded vessels is uncommon, but Disney Fantasy didn’t hesitate. Passengers even captured the rescue mission on camera. The Disney Fantasy crew launched a smaller boat and brought four people on board safely.

While Disney has faced its fair share of issues, other major cruise lines do as well.

Carnival Cruise Line faced a significant emergency situation in February 2013 when the Carnival Triumph suffered an engine room fire. This incident left the ship stranded in the Gulf of Mexico without power, resulting in unsanitary conditions and limited amenities for passengers. After several days adrift, the ship was eventually towed to Mobile, Alabama.

Royal Caribbean encountered its own emergency situation in February 2016 when the Anthem of the Seas encountered a severe storm off the coast of South Carolina. The ship listed dramatically, causing damage and injuries among passengers due to the rough seas. As a result, the ship returned to port in New Jersey ahead of schedule.

Princess Cruise Line found itself in the midst of a crisis in February 2020 when the Diamond Princess faced a COVID-19 outbreak while docked in Yokohama, Japan. Passengers were quarantined onboard for several weeks, and the ship became a focal point of international attention regarding the spread of the virus.

These are just a few small examples of that.

More on Disney’s Next Cruise Line Adventure

A new era of spooky fun is setting sail on the Disney Cruise Line! The Disney Treasure, embarking on its maiden voyage to the Eastern Caribbean on December 21st, 2024, will be bringing the beloved Haunted Mansion experience to life onboard for the first time ever.

The aptly named Haunted Mansion Parlor will welcome guests with a chilling ambiance inspired by the iconic Disney Parks attraction. Expect specialty spooky libations and eerie décor that will send shivers down your spine in the best way possible.

The new sea captain for the Haunted Mansion bar

Credit: Disney Cruise Line Blog

This spooky addition coincides perfectly with Disney’s annual “Halfway to Halloween” celebration, where they reveal exciting details about their upcoming Halloween festivities. To celebrate, Disney Cruise Line has unveiled some never-before-seen glimpses of the Haunted Mansion Parlor:

  • A hauntingly beautiful aquarium filled with ghostly fish – a tribute to an early concept from legendary Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump. A special bust will also be on display to honor his contributions.
  • An eerie art collection featuring some ghostly new residents, sure to send shivers down your spine.
  • Spooky drinkware designed to match the spectral inhabitants that haunt this lounge. Get ready for a treasure trove of entertainment options beyond the spooky delights!
A brand-new Haunted Mansion bar on the Disney Treasure Cruise Ship.

Credit: Disney

The Disney Treasure boasts a brand new Broadway-caliber musical, Disney: The Tale of Moana, that will set sail alongside you. Foodies can also rejoice with a Coco-themed dining experience at Plaza de Coco. This dinner show picks up where the beloved 2017 Pixar movie left off, with a brand-new adventure and delicious Mexican cuisine to tantalize your taste buds.

A brand-new Haunted Mansion bar on the Disney Treasure Cruise Ship.

Credit: Disney

Thrill-seekers won’t be disappointed, either. The massive 144,000-gross ton cruise ship features the brand new AquaMouse water coaster, a 760-foot long adventure that combines the thrills of a water slide with a roller coaster.

Finally, for adults seeking a break from the little ones or couples looking for a romantic escape, Disney is expanding its adult-only offerings with Sarabi, a Lion King-themed lounge named after Simba’s mother. This versatile space transforms throughout the day, offering musical performances, comedy acts, and family game shows during the day before transforming into a lively adult-exclusive haunt by night, complete with live entertainment designed for a more mature audience.

Do you plan to take a Disney Cruise Line vacation this year? What is your favorite ship? 

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