Disney Announces Plan to Bring Back Walt Disney, but Fans are NOT Sold

walt disney dressed in a suit during an interview in 1963 in black and white
Credit: Disney Archives

Walt Disney is loved not just by the Disney community but also by people all around the world. His pioneering spirit, creative genius, and vision for storytelling have left a lasting impact on our lives. When creating the new World Celebration Neighborhood at EPCOT, Disney knew they wanted to create a special tribute to Walt Disney. This tribute came in the form of a new statue.

For many, the new Walt Disney statue serves as a symbol of inspiration and imagination. For others, the design is a disaster waiting to happen.

Credit: Disney World Announces a Very Special Event in Celebration of Walt Disney’s 122nd Birthday

John Hench and Walt Disney with a model of Disneyland

Credit: Walt Disney Archives

New Walt Disney Statue Divides Fans

Disney fans are eagerly anticipating the grand unveiling of the highly anticipated “Walt the Dreamer” statue, which will soon grace the enchanting World Celebration Neighborhood at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort.

Set to be a magnificent centerpiece of the World Celebration area, the “Walt the Dreamer” statue embodies the spirit of innovation, imagination, and boundless creativity that Walt Disney was known for. This life-sized tribute serves as a constant reminder of his remarkable contributions to the world of entertainment and his profound impact on the lives of countless individuals.

As visitors embark on their journey through EPCOT, they will be greeted by the striking presence of this remarkable statue. Sitting on a park bench, “Walt the Dreamer” exudes an aura of inspiration and captures the essence of Disney’s enduring legacy. Its captivating design and meticulous attention to detail make it a work of art that truly captivates the imagination..

Surrounded by the lush greenery of the new area, which will serve as the perfect backdrop for this magnificent statue, “Walt the Dreamer” stands as a testament to the power of determination and the courage to chase one’s dreams. However, not all fans feel this way.

Concerns Grow Over New Tribute

However, not all fans are seeing this new addition as a positive thing. In fact, many fans raised concerns after photos of the new statue were unveiled.

One of the main critiques of the Disney Park statue is that because it is integrated with fans, it is going to cause a lot of congestion for fans. Many fans worry that this statue will become a zoo of adoring fans waiting to get a picture next to Walt on the bench. One fan even comments that there may need to be a virtual queue for this addition.

Other fans have qualms about the aesthetic parts of the statue. Some fans argue that the statue puts Walt in a potentially compromising position being seated the way he is. Others do not understand why the statue is off-center the way that it is. Since Disney’s announcement, it seems that many people feel that they were expecting more.

However you feel about the statue, it is always nice to see Walt Disney honored in such a public way. Walt did so much for the Walt Disney Company over the years, and it is terrific to see his legacy live on in statues and symbols throughout the parks worldwide. The statue, as well as the rest of the area, will be unveiled for public viewing on December 5, 2023.

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