Controversial Disney Executive Reportedly Told to Produce a Hit or Pack Her Bags

Kathleen's Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy… the name that sends Star Wars fans reeling. It’s no secret that the president of Lucasfilm has been controversial, to say the least. Every Star Wars fan has an opinion about her- they either love her and the direction she’s taken the franchise, or they hate her and think she has ruined everything good about the iconic sci-fi powerhouse. 

Kathleen Kennedy

Credit: Lucasfilm

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Disney has mostly seen Kennedy as a cash cow. They haven’t cared one way or the other about her vision– only that she produces results. They have,  however, meddled…a lot. They’ve made demands and set deadlines and even have gone so far as to silence her in the media. Under former CEO Bob Chapek, Kennedy was ordered to keep quiet about future projects after fans became upset about the myriad of canceled projects and shelved ideas. We hate to admit this, but…Chapek was right (please never make us say that again)! 

Kathleen Kennedy

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Star Wars fans have been wondering what’s next for the “galaxy far, far away” for entirely too long. Every time we’d get excited about something, the announcement of its being tabled or scrapped would soon follow. Kennedy gets an A for enthusiasm but an F for follow-through. 

Now it is being reported by several sources that Disney had put Kennedy on notice: produce something profitable or be a part of Bob Iger’s massive company-wide restructure. Several sources report that Kennedy has been given an ultimatum: get a new [profitable] movie in theaters by Christmas 2025, or get in the unemployment line. 

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 If true, that means the pressure is on for the Lucasfilm president.  Two years may seem like a long time to fans, but it is nearly an impossible timeline for filmmakers. Here is hoping Kennedy can pull off a Christmas miracle because if she wants to keep her job, she’s going to need it. 


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