Long-awaited animated feature film sequel announced at D23 Expo

Disney and PIXAR have confirmed the release of an animated feature sequel that will star one of Hollywood’s funniest ladies in 2024.

Inside Out Best Animated Film Oscar

Credit: PIXAR Animation Studios

In 2015, PIXAR released Inside Out, the studio’s 15th feature-length animated film in theaters. The film tells the story of adolescent Riley, who’s just discovered she’s moving with her parents from her comfort zone in the Midwest to bright and sunny California. But all is not bright for Riley, who struggles to find her place among a new set of peers at school, a new home, and a new way of life.

Riley From Inside Out Can Teach Us A Lot About Emotions

After all, these people put broccoli on pizza!

Director and writer of Inside Out Pete Docter says he first got the idea for a film about the emotions inside the mind of a preteen when he began to notice his own daughter experiencing changing emotions as she got older. During the production of the film, PIXAR’s filmmakers worked with neuroscientists and psychologists to build on the accuracy of the storyline as it pertained to emotions and feelings and the brain.

In all, development of PIXAR’s Inside Out spanned more than 5 years, but in the end, the finished project was well worth the wait, as fans were introduced to Riley, her parents, and the scenarios faced by humans of all ages–and the roller coaster emotions that accompany them.

The Science of Inside Out | How Emotions Work | Paul Ekman Group

Credit: PIXAR Animation Studios

Now, as confirmed by Pete Docter and others during the PIXAR Animation panel at the 2022 D23 Expo on Friday, a sequel to Inside Out is in the works after more than 7 years. In the new PIXAR sequel, actress and funny girl Amy Poehler will reprise her role as the voice of Joy.

Fans can get all the feels when Inside Out 2 hits the box office on June 14, 2024.

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