Disney Workers’ Wild Illegal Videos Go Viral

Cast member with Mickey head costume
Credit: @illegal_disney_ / Canva

WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

As someone who has previously worked at Disney Parks, interacted with a ton of guests, and seen a bunch of wildly unexpected things, this Cast Member recording is genuinely one of the most jaw-dropping videos I have ever seen…like EVER.

donald duck looking shocked and covering his mouth, disney's sleeping beauty castle in the background

Credit: Disney, Canva

I can’t really even start to grasp what this Disneyland Resort employee was thinking when they filmed this, but hey, let’s go ahead and try to break it down anyway.

In a video from a TikTok account aptly named @illegal_disney_, we see a rapid-fire 11-second compilation of a Cast Member backstage, wearing their normal daily uniform, with one notable exception.

They wear various Disney character costume heads while dancing and standing in silly poses.

illegal disney video cast member recording social media disneyland resort disney character costume head mickey mouse pluto nemo disney park employee backstage

Credit: @hecallsmePP/ X, @ill3gal_disn3y/ TikTok

If we know ANYTHING about Disney Parks, it’s that preserving the magic and upholding character integrity are non-negotiable aspects of working as an Entertainment Cast Member.

To see a Cast Member casually shirk this responsibility while actually recording the evidence is not only incomprehensibly odd but also VERY bold.

Once Disney found them (which they CERTAINLY did because this worker made no effort to disguise their workspace or even conceal their blue employee ID), they were most likely fired on the spot and blacklisted from ever working for the company or any of its subsidiaries again.

One commenter on the video with the username Nota10 suggested the Cast Member is most likely sleeping with the fishes by now or, as they put it, “sleeping with Nemo.”

illegal disney video cast member recording social media disneyland resort disney character costume head mickey mouse pluto nemo disney park employee backstage

Credit: Disney

Watch the recording below for yourself as the employee in the illegal Disney video cycles through the heads of Pluto, Nick Wilde from Zootopia (2016), and Mickey Mouse.


Disney Backstage. Cred ill3gal_disn3y #disney #disneyland #disneyworld #disneytiktok #disneyparks #behindthescenes #mickeymouse

♬ sonido original – illegaldisney

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The original poster claims that the “backdoor Disneyland account” has switched many times and is still a mystery to the public. But one commenter named Amber Marie seemed to have the inside scoop, saying, “The account this is from has been taken down and from what I hear on property cast are already being punished.. those who aren’t even involved with this.”

The account may have been temporarily taken down, but it is still active on TikTok. Actually, more shocking videos keep surfacing. Here’s Nick taking off his costume:


#backstagedisney #disney #viral #backstage

♬ sonido original – illegaldisney

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Big yikes! There is no way this ended well for these cast members.

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