Buyers Beware! These Are the Purchases Disney Fans End Up Regretting the Most

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When it comes to marketing, nobody does it like the Walt Disney Company. From targeted advertising to general advertising, the company easily makes everything look as magical as they want it to look.

This goes for the commercials and advertisements you see at home, on Walt Disney World property, in the Parks, etc.

But targeted advertising aside, nothing compares to seeing Disney merchandise while visiting Walt Disney World Resort. Whether you’re in the gift shop of a Resort hotel, the gift shop after exiting an attraction, or shopping at Disney Springs, you just can’t help but flock to all of the Disney products!

Disney Store

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However, once you go home after the vacation is over, that magic spell begins to wear off, and you may begin feeling buyer’s remorse. So, here are some of the Disney products that Guests have regretted buying the most after returning home, according to this social media thread.

While balloons are a delightfully fun souvenir, it can’t be denied that they’re incredibly inconvenient. They can quickly fly away in the blustery Florida wind, causing a lot of tears and mayhem.

Not only that, but they can also smack other Guests once the wind blows. While it doesn’t particularly hurt, it can definitely be a little embarrassing, especially if the wind keeps blowing it around!

Reddit user u/KatastropheKraut writes, “Balloons USED to be my favorite thing to bring home. It kept magic in the house for a month for me. But now the no Mickey head balloons. Trash.”

Disney Balloons

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Bubble wands are fun…for your children and perhaps for other Guests walking nearby. However, any parent will tell you that the stickiness is super unpleasant. Not to mention, the bubble wands are definitely painful when they fall into the wrong hands!

Reddit user u/OkBid1535 shares, “Yup seeing bubbles is nice, until they’re hitting you smack in the face and a child is just relentlessly swinging the wand around. Gets annoying quite fast.”

simba popcorn buckets

Left: Black History Month Simba Popcorn Bucket (Credit: Disney). Right: Animal Kingdom Simba Popcorn Bucket (Credit: @rose_red_disney on Instagram)

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This product is controversial, and not everyone will agree, but popcorn buckets can easily cause buyer’s remorse. While purchasing one or two to commemorate a visit or a beloved character is fun, getting into the habit of collecting Disney popcorn buckets is incredibly expensive, and will soon take up a ton of space.

And what’s worse is that they don’t always hold more popcorn: Reddit user u/ritualdelowhabitual writes,

“I used to think the popcorn buckets were such a great value until I brought it home and realized it’s only HALF of one bag of popcorn. I still buy it though because we like popcorn but I no longer think it’s a great value- it’s volume eating at a slightly less cost than other snacks.”

Mickey popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

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So there you have it! These are just a few of the Disney products that. have caused the most buyer’s remorse for Guests.

What Disney merchandise have you regretted buying?

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