FIRE in EPCOT’s World Showcase Tonight

Fire at Epcot


Tonight the World Showcase was set ablaze in an accident just after Harmonious, EPCOT’s nighttime fireworks show. Little is known at the moment about the cause of the fire, but it seems likely that a stray ember from the fireworks is responsible. There were also reports of lightning in the area tonight.  Either could be the culprit. However, the cause is not known at the time of this writing.  

In a video posted on Twitter, the back of the American Gardens theater can be seen with decently large flames coming from the back of the theater. Earlier reports showed smoke in the area so heavy it was hard to make out exactly which building was ablaze. 

The video also shows a speed boat racing toward the fire. While this is a very scary incident, especially for those present at the Park tonight, we are grateful for fast-acting Cast Members who can be seen springing into action to ensure guest safety and to put the fire out.  

Comments on Twitter and Facebook from bystanders present report that the flames were quickly extinguished though it is not certain at this time if there was any lasting damage done to the theater. The fire did not spread to any other locations in the World Showcase.

There have been no reports of injury. At that time in the evening, it’s unlikely that guests would have been present, but it’s unclear if any cast were present in the area. Frequently technical crew will be in the theater late into the evening working on future productions. We sincerely hope no one was there tonight. This is a very early report. We will update you as more details become available. 

According to Twitter user @SoFLalTaLGaL, this exact location was set on fire earlier this year. 

Fire at Epcot

Credit: Twitter/@SoFLalTaLGaL

You can view @disneytiktoks video of the incident here: 



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