Disney Guests Disgusted as Child Pees on Magic Kingdom Sidewalk

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Walt Disney World Resort is known as The Most Magical Place on Earth, and no place is that magic more evident than at the Magic Kingdom (appropriate name, right?). Guests can come face to face with buccaneers on Pirates of the Caribbean, ride the wildest ride in the wilderness on Big Thunder Mountain, venture to Neverland on Peter Pan’s Flight, and so much more. As the sign says, guests who visit the Magic Kingdom leave the world of today, and visit a place of “yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

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When Walt Disney dreamed up Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom, he thought beyond the rides. He thought of every detail, including how he wanted to keep the parks sparkling clean. Disney cast members work incredibly hard to keep the parks clean, but they also rely on guests to be respectful.

Sadly, that respect seems to be waning, and guests treating the cast members more like Cinderella.

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One Magic Kingdom guest was absolutely shocked when they saw guests doing one of the most disgusting things possible. They not only allowed but encouraged their child to pee on a sidewalk in the park. That’s right. They just pulled the child’s pants down and let them urinate on a spot where thousands of people walk every day.

The grossed-out guest shared their shock on Reddit.

We just watched a family let their kid pee on the sidewalk while waiting on fireworks to start. Besides it just being nasty, why expose your child’s privates to strangers.

Just experienced something new.
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Commenters shared that too many guests are just going too far with the behavior they think is acceptable in the parks. They aren’t well-mannered or courteous, and they don’t think about anyone but themselves.

I am hearing more and more people complain that this is happening. Parents directing children to just pee or poop in the middle of the park. I for one am reporting this to the CM and asking for the family to be removed by security. This is outrageous conduct. I don’t care that you don’t want to lose your parade spot or you don’t feel like leaving the line or you can’t navigate the crowd to make it to the bathroom. Totally uncivilized.

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The OP (Original Poster) said that they let a cast member know what they saw, but all the cast member did was call someone to clean up the mess. They said that no one spoke to the family about their deplorable actions.

However, another user said that cast members can only let their managers know. After that, they really have no control what happens after the complaint is made.

As a former front line CM, we cannot do anything ourselves, besides report it to our coordinators, leaders, and custodial. But we have had cases of security removing guests who do this. And we have been told to be on the look out for certain people as security was trying to find them to remove them from the park due to this behavior, as well. So please let a CM know so it can be cleaned up ASAP, but know that we have told our higher-ups and cannot do anything else – it is in their hands now.

Edit: And that goes for most guest behavior, actually. We are the literal bottom of the hierarchy, we cannot do anything besides report it to our coord and/or leader and have them handle it. Obviously if it is a safety concern, we may intervene in different ways. Or if we have to enforce different park rules such as no smoking. But if it comes anywhere near an altercation – out of our hands. We are taught to de-escalate the situation and just let higher-ups know so they can deal with it. And sometimes, well actually fairly frequently I think, we were issued BOLO’s because security was just trying to find someone for a past behavior. It is difficult to find 1-2 people out of dozens of thousands. But at the end of the night, that incident is noted as all coordinators need to recap their shift in their closing notes which goes to the leaders, which goes to the proprietor, etc.

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Guests Becoming More Disrespectful

Unfortunately, this is not the first time — and it probably won’t be the last time — that guests have seen parents encouraging their children to pee on the street or even on an attraction.

Last summer, a Disneyland guest posted that they had witnessed a family pull down a young girl’s pants and hold her up so she could pee in the water on “it’s a small world”. They said that the family then used a tissue to wipe the girl and threw the tissue in the water as well. What makes that even more disgusting is that guests will frequently dip their fingers in that water, even though they are not supposed to.

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Just last month, another guest uploaded a photo to a Facebook group called “Splash Mountain Forever”. The photo appeared to show a man and his young son peeing on the construction walls of Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is replacing Splash Mountain, and the move has been controversial.

Despite the love for Splash Mountain, many still found the image repulsive.

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Thankfully, not all guests get away with their unacceptable behavior. In 2021, a woman at Disneyland went viral after getting into a fight with Disneyland security. Security was seen asking the woman to leave because she had reportedly peed in a cup at the park. The woman said she had every right to do so, and said she didn’t have to leave because she “paid their paychecks.”

If you need to use the restroom while visiting a Disney theme park, you can check the park’s mobile app and find the restroom closest to you, or you can grab a park map. You can also find the nearest Disney cast member, and they will tell you where to go. What you can not do is go to the bathroom wherever you feel like.

What would you do if you saw another guest allowing a child to pee on the street or on a ride? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Perhaps those parents should pay more attention to their childs needs?? I am the mother of 2 boys, men now. We have been to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, the zoo, the circus, the state fair, etc. NEVER ONCE did I need to let them pee or poop in public because I was an ATTENTIVE parent. I HELPED THEM manage their bodily functions. People who breed are becoming more and more ignorant. Your JOB is to TEACH them how to live in the world. The world is not here to cater to them or anyone.

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