Best Walt Disney World Attractions That Don’t Offer A FastPass

Carousel of Progress
Credit: Disney

While walking through the park the other day I heard a young father, pushing a stroller, say to his wife, also pushing a stroller that they only had one more ride left for the day. The wife asked why only one? He said they had used the first two of their FastPass+ times this morning and had only one left so they may as well head back to the resort after they used it. It was just after lunch.

It made me sad that guests thought they could only experience attractions if they had a FP+ for it. There are many attractions that you do not need a FP+ for, in fact, most of these do not offer FP+. Please don’t think your day is over after using your first three FP+’s. Don’t forget that after you use those 3 FP+ you can go to a FP+ Kiosk or use your My Disney Experience App to choose another FP+. You can do that through the rest of the Park hours. That said, don’t forget this list of attractions you don’t need any FP+ for.

1. Liberty Square Riverboat (Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom)

The working steam boat departs her dock on the hour and half hour. It has a large capacity that it rarely reaches so when you want to board you should be able to. It is a beautiful boat and you can pick where you want to ride and easily change levels during the ride. She travels on the Rivers of America, from Liberty Square down past Frontierland, Splash and Big Thunder Mountain’s, Tom Sawyer’s Island, and Haunted Mansion before returning to the dock. It is a pleasant 20-minute ride!

2. The Boneyard (DinoLand, Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

Here you will find a hands-in sand dig site where guests can use their hands or shovels to dig for hidden dinosaur bones. Join other families digging to unearth a complete dino skeleton as well as other hidden things. There is room for you!

3. Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek (Disney’s Animal Kingdom)

Take your choice of the pair of these trails that lead you to viewing spots for wild animals. Want to see a group of Gorillas, a baby Gorilla, Tigers, a variety of birds, and more? Just step onto these trails and you will have an amazing experience looking for and spotting animals. Many of them are very close to the thick glass viewing areas while you are standing there. You can hear them as well as the areas are open on the top. Want to see a gorilla beat his chest and holler, you can do that here! Don’t miss additional animals in The Oasis section near the entrance to the park. You will find exotic animals in here to view.

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4. The Hall of Presidents/American Adventure (HoP, Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom and AA, World Showcase, Epcot)

These are patriotic shows using Audio Animatronic figures and film portions with wonderful music that inspires American guests. You can see the size and appearance, as well as authentic period dress, of each United States President. The American Adventure gives a nice overview of American history that will make your heart swell with pride. These are attractions that are very Walt Disney-like. He was a true patriot. He believed strongly in the American Dream.

5. Impressions de France, Reflections of China, American Adventure show (World Showcase, Epcot)

I find these attractions to be especially enjoyable. There is usually very little wait time and there is some seating in the waiting area. Sometimes you are even treated to music via Voices of Liberty at the American Adventure, and stringed instruments at China. I am convinced I must live in the south of France, in the countryside, each time that I watch Impressions de France.

6. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel (Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom)

Want to ride astride Cinderella’s favorite steed? Hop on the Carrousel and race your pony around the circle and enjoy the calliope songs from days gone by. If you don’t enjoy going up and down while going round and round, you may want to pick a stationary horse. It is fun to ride this attraction that is in the middle of Fantasyland.

7. Tomorrowland Transit Authority (Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom)

This fast-to-board attraction will take you on an overhead view of Tomorrowland, through Space Mountain and Mickey’s Star Traders, around Stich’s Great Escape and Cinderella Castle. You board it from a moving sidewalk below Astro Orbiter

8. Tom Sawyer Island (Frontierland, Magic Kingdom)

If you are looking for a place to decompress a bit, TSI is your place. There is an old-fashioned playground, two cave systems to explore, a fort, a hidden escape and wonderful views of Frontierland, and Liberty Square.

9. Walt Disney Presents (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)

Would you like to learn more about the man Walt Disney? Catch a glimpse of the past, present, and future of Disney World? This is a walk-through set of exhibits about Walt Disney, his inventions, his career, future models, even a complete set up of Walt’s office.

10. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress (Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom)

This attraction is the only one in Walt Disney World that Walt Disney, the man, actually had a hand in building. He physically touched this attraction. It may be silly, but that is cool! He designed it, he built it, and it is full of his outlook on life.

11. Walt Disney World Railroad, Magic Kingdom

You can use Walt Disney World Railroad to transport you between Main Street U.S.A., Frontierland, and Fantasyland. It is also a very Walt attraction. Walt Disney loved steam trains. He even had a small one put in at his California home for his family to enjoy. These trains are authentic steam trains found in Mexico and shipped back to the US to be rejuvenated for their current role at the Magic Kingdom. There is usually very little wait time to board these beautiful train cars, which are open. You will travel by scenes of the old west, Big Thunder Mountain and even inside Splash Mountain. Ride it all the way around or to get from place to place. It closes early in the evening so be sure you check what time it operates on your Times Guide. All aboard!

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