Bad Dog: Bluey’s Trip to Vegas Ends in Awful Results

Bluey Las Vegas
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Since taking the world by storm, Bluey has delighted fans of all ages around the world. So much so that everyone wants a piece of the pie, in and out of Disney. Unfortunately, not everyone has Disney or Ludo’s budget.

Bluey meets Jean Luc in Camping

Credit: Ludo Studios

Bluey has amassed an enormous fan following, far beyond just the bevy of buffs on Disney+ and Disney Junior. Since gracing our screens three seasons ago, Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of her cavalcade of cartoon dogs from the beloved series have ventured far beyond the magical streaming service. Since making a smash with audiences everywhere, Bluey has her own stage adaptation with Bluey’s Big Play, a Hanna Andersson clothing line, and a fanbase that includes celebrities like Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Jonas Brothers.

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With that all in mind, with every beloved cartoon character comes a cheap and often crude imitation, something that Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh know all too well. While the little blue heeler still needs her own spot at the Disney parks, a place in Las Vegas recently hosted a family-friendly event with the beloved character, but it was far from what many were likely expecting, as demonstrated in the footage below.

Bluey Goes Vegas… Kind Of

Dirt Dog, a local Vegas restaurant hosted its own Bluey event, but it was hardly a Disney-quality experience. As seen in the video above, cupcakes and some guy in a Bandit onesie doesn’t exactly make for a good time.

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Business Insider shared some of the reactions from visitors in the coverage below.

The report shared,

In social-media posts, visitors described having to line up in the sun because the event was flooded with “Bluey” fans, only to discover that the titular character was being played by a man in a onesie which one Facebook user called a “Temu Bluey costume.”

“Bluey is a guy in Bluey pajamas,” one person wrote. “It’s not an actual character costume.” Another person said that the man in the outfit didn’t wear the hood and sat in the restaurant “with no emotion.”

“When I saw him I just ignored him. I was mad,” a child who attended the event told FOX5 Vegas. Her mom told the network that kids were “distraught” and some were crying.

It should also be understood that this was indeed a free event for the community, so of course it had neither Disney nor Ludo’s funding. Even so, this was a laughable, and slightly unhinged attempt at cashing in on Bluey’s popularity. Even with an apology from the restaurant, it was still a bit weird.

If at First You Don’t Succeed

Muffin wears a cone in Bluey

Credit: Ludo Studios

With an environment like the Las Vegas strip, the venues for an official Bluey event are incredible. While the idea of a Bluey event at a casino is ultimately unheard of, but how long will it be until we see the cartoon dog get her own Cirque du Soleil show?

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It might be some time before Bluey shows up at the Mirage or even as an immersive experience at the Las Vegas Sphere, but it’s still fascinating to see just how much of an influence the show has had on the fanbase. Here’s hoping her next trip down the strip will be a little less cringe-worthy.

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