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8 Reasons We Love Winter at Walt Disney World

Give me Walt Disney World at any time of year and I will take it!  Some people, however, prefer to travel during certain seasons of the year for one reason or another.  I think each season and time has something going for it at Walt Disney World.  Here are 8 Reasons I love Walt Disney World in the Winter. 8. ...

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11 Favorite Treats at Walt Disney World

From the photos I see on Instagram, I think there are some people who visit Walt Disney World just to eat treats!  And there is certainly a great selection of yummy options to choose from—so many that sometimes it is hard to narrow down your list. Here is our list of 11 favorites to help you focus your search for ...

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The 11 Epcot World Showcase Pavilions at Walt Disney World

I love visiting Epcot, to me it feels like a city park where I can stroll around and take in the sights & sounds (plus the attractions).  The World Showcase portion of the park is particularly nice to take your time and enjoy.  I particularly like going in the evenings to catch some entertainment, eat some delicious food and just ...

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