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Parents, advocacy council are furious over new adult content on the Disney+ streaming platform

Many parents are outraged over Disney’s decision to add adult content to its streaming platform, citing Disney’s promise not to include such content and pointing out that Disney has broken that promise and thus violated parents’ trust. Last week, Disney announced that adult content would be added to the Disney+ platform, meaning that any viewer, regardless of age (given that ...

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Billionaire CEO happy for Disney to lose the rights to Mickey Mouse, resurrecting a dark Disney controversy involving alleged animal cruelty

steamboat willie elon musk

A billionaire CEO has joined the growing number of public figures who eagerly await Disney’s copyright expiration on Mickey Mouse. READ ALSO: Disney’s losing the rights to Mickey Mouse, and that’s not the weirdest part of the story Entrepreneur Elon Musk has quite the diversified portfolio, especially since he’s founder and CEO of many of the companies within it. Among ...

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Amber Heard files appeal in Depp verdict, citing “court errors” and unfairness related to her First Amendment rights

amber heard johnny depp

Amber Heard’s legal team has filed an official appeal with the Fairfax County, Virginia, court system in response to the jury’s verdict against the actress in the Johnny Depp defamation trial. RELATED: Disney refuses to apologize to Johnny Depp, but he’s already gotten the last word, brilliantly. On June 1, the jury in the case returned its verdict, finding that ...

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A brand-new “Toy Story”-themed cafe is open to fans, but there’s a downside

toy story aliens cafe

Thankfully for diehard fans of Toy Story, the first film franchise for the PIXAR powerhouse was a huge success, leading to the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of adorable Toy Story-themed merchandise, including apparel, toys, items for the home, and collectibles of all kinds. The popularity of the Toy Story franchise has also led to the development of the new Toy ...

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Here are two new reasons to watch Disney+ THIS WEEK!

george lucas ron howard olivia rodrigo

The month is drawing to a close, but a couple of stream-worthy picks and flicks are just gearing up on Disney+. Since Disney’s first-ever streaming platform debuted in November 2019, content has been continually added, ensuring there’s always something new, something exciting, and something for everyone to stream on Disney+. A new season of a Disney+ fan-favorite debuts this week ...

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Disney Classics gone Horribly Wrong: Awful, Untrue, & Terrifying Life Lessons we learn if we watch them on Opposite Day

disney films

Walt Disney always had a love for storytelling which was evident in everything he produced. From Disneyland attractions to the timeless Disney classics upon which they were based, Walt Disney had a way of telling stories that also teach valuable life lessons. RELATED: STOP THE REMAKES and keep Walt happy But at DisneyDining, our exceptional team of writers who love ...

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Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson gives an UNBELIEVABLE gift to someone very special in his life, and her reaction is priceless

dwayne johnson cousin

Actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson may be one of the most benevolent and giving celebrities on planet earth. That’s because for all the successes Johnson has enjoyed inside the ring and on the silver screen, it doesn’t seem to have made him forget where he came from. RELATED: Dwayne Johnson reportedly in talks with Disney to play Genie in “Aladdin ...

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