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‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Theme Park Coming in 2025

captain jack sparrow

A brand-new, state-of-the-art theme park inspired by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise is coming in 2025, and fans of the swashbuckling series will feel like they’re right there where the action from the films took place–because they will be. The Scurvy Possibilities Are Endless Imagine a place unlike any you’ve ever experienced–one where you might just have the ...

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New Developments in North Texas Point to Disney’s Plans to Bring the Magic to the Lone Star State

disney park in texas

Recent developments in the northern part of the Lone Star State seem to point to Disney’s potential plans to build its next theme park resort deep in the heart of Texas–and this time, it’s not just wishful thinking. Things are growing and changing quickly in North Texas–and with such drive and ambition–that it’s easy to see–something big is on its ...

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Actor Tom Hanks Will Keep Making Films After His Death

tom hanks with cross

Tom Hanks says he’ll be making Hollywood blockbusters long after he dies. Most successful Hollywood actors intend to keep making movies until they die. But actor Tom Hanks–a two-time Academy Award winner and four-time Golden Globe winner–says that won’t stop him, and he will continue his acting career, even after he passes away. Related: Tom Hanks Talks Retirement From His 45-Year-Long ...

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Tom Hanks Talks Retirement From His 45-Year Acting Career

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney at Disneyland

Tom Hanks has been acting for more than four decades, and after the release of new films, fans want to know about his plans for retirement. Related: Tim Allen Talks Frankly About His Retirement from Acting Josh Baskin, Sam Baldwin, Detective Scott Turner, “Sully” Sullenberger, Forrest Gump, astronaut Jim Lovell, Colonel Tom Parker, Sheriff Woody, the incomparable Walt Disney. No matter ...

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Disney Pledges Billions on Brand-New Disneyland Project, But an Uphill Battle Lies Ahead

disneyland forward

The Walt Disney Company has pledged a multi-billion-dollar investment into a totally revamped Disneyland property, as well as into the City of Anaheim, California, but the company faces an uphill battle despite its willingness to dole out the dough. What is Disneyland Forward? Simply put, Disneyland Forward is a multi-year public planning initiative created by The Walt Disney Company with ...

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Decades Old Orlando Theme Park Demolished as New Project Takes Over

walt disney points to a map of central florida

Mounds of rock and rubble are all that remain where once a vibrant and bustling Orlando theme park recently stood. Orlando, Florida, has served as a veritable mecca for visitors and tourists from around the world for decades, and the influx of travelers, both domestic and international, can largely be credited to Walt Disney and his decision more than 60 ...

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Actor Tom Hanks Attacked, Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Destroyed

tom hanks star woody otto

WARNING: The following article mentions and/or discusses topics that may be distressing for certain audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.  Actor Tom Hanks is being attacked in response to video footage that has surfaced online, purporting to show the actor in less-than-appropriate behavior toward a child. The internet has been abuzz in recent days with posts about Tom Hanks–one that shows ...

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Universal Studios Makes a Giant Change to Beat Disney in the Florida Theme Park Wars Once and For All

universal studios orlando and cinderella castle disney world

It’s a rivalry almost as old as time itself–the one that exists between theme park titans Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. And though Disney has come out the winner in the race to earn visitors’ theme park dollars, Disney’s days may be numbered as Universal is doing something neither theme park giant has done before. Disney Theme Parks ...

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