Another Disney Theme Park Competitor Raises Wages

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While the battle between the Walt Disney Company and Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members continues, another competitor of the Park has announced a bump to their minimum wage. As their wishes go unanswered, the public is beginning to speculate if Cast Members are going to jump ship to a more profitable job in entertainment.

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Disney is Show Up With Wages

Employees of Walt Disney World have been fighting for a raise all year. Despite seeing a 36% increase in the Resort’s revenue, Cast members are still being paid $15/hr. Disney has fought the union on their wishes and has instead proposed a $1/hr raise with yearly increases. Despite Disney making somewhat of an effort, Cast Members still feel unheard.

That was when Universal Orlando stepped in. Back in mid-February of 2023, Universal Orlando surprised fans when they announced that their minimum wage was going to be raised to $17. This decision likely happened for two reasons, one being that Universal wants to avoid a union protest of their own, and the other being that Universal is looking to recruit Cast Members to work for their company.


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On the Quarterly earning call this year, Bob Iger infamously declared that he would be eliminating 7,000 jobs from the Disney workforce, including jobs in the theme Parks. It felt like Universal was giving a jab to Disney’s side by offering a wage increase during Disney’s wage protests and layoffs.

Another Disney Competitor Increases Wages

Universal isn’t the only competitor offering wage increases. Local news has reported that Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in Orlando, Florida, will be increasing their minimum wage. Andretti Indoor Karting is an entertainment complex that opened in 2017. The Central Florida complex includes an indoor race track, virtual reality setup, arcade games, bowling, laser tag, and other activities. Previously, the minimum wage at Andretti was $16/hr for front-of-house positions and $17/hr for culinary positions. Those wages have been increased to $17.50 and $19 per hour.


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When discussing the wage increase, Eddie Hamann says, “This increased rate will help provide competitive wages for all current and future employees, while also helping to attract the most highly skilled candidates for around the area.”

Fans are curious to see what the Walt Disney Company’s response will be to this situation.

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