After a Horrifying Experience, Guest Warns Others Not to Book at This Disney Resort Hotel

When it comes to staying on property while visiting Walt Disney World, the experience is supposed to be immersive and magical from start to finish. After all, visiting a theme park such as Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom is already a magical experience, but getting to curl up in a Disney hotel room afterward is the icing on the cake!

Theoretically, Guests shouldn’t have to worry about anything from the ‘real world’ during their stay at a Disney hotel or visit to a Disney Park. However, for one Guest, their stay at this Disney Resort hotel was anything but magical and was memorable for all of the wrong reasons.

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It’s no secret that costs have risen at Disney, so it comes as no surprise to hear that a Disney vacation is more expensive than it’s ever been before. With prices so high, it’s only logical to expect some of the best customer service around, primarily because Disney is known for having customer service like no other company.

Customer service aside, no one visiting a Disney hotel should ever find themselves fearing for their safety and their life.

But for this Guest, the customer service was lacking, even while she was in danger during her stay at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort.


I was about to get ready to shower when it happened. Its been 2 hours with no manager in sight . #disneyportorleansriverside #disneyhotels #breakin #notsafe #women #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld @disneyparks

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In this video, this Guest explains that while staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort, a man she didn’t recognize was able to open the door to her room. When she confronted him, he lingered in her doorway before closing the door. Afterward, he stood outside her door and did not leave, intimidating her.

Upon calling the front desk, she is told that a manager is on their way. However, she waits at least 45 minutes without any sight of the manager or communication from the front desk. Upon telling the manager that she and her party do not feel safe in their room, the Port Orleans Resort manager reportedly “shrugged [her] off.


Replying to @boutubers @disneyparks safe to say im never coming back. The resort itself was beautiful. Every single room we were in had problems from ac not working. Clogged bathtub sink. Outlets not working. Leak in sink creating a puddle. Mosquito galore. Odor in room. Heater not working. No hot running water in the bathroom sink, water damage in the bathroom. Etc

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The last update this Guest made regarding the situation is a video of her crying in the Port Orleans Resort hotel’s lobby, presumably to a manager or representative.

In a prior video she recorded before checking out of the Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, she states that she needed help from management and did not receive any.

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Any young woman reading this will immediately understand how frightening and downright dangerous this situation can be. To hear that Disney did not handle this situation gracefully is incredibly disappointing.

In the description of her last video regarding the situation, she writes, “safe to say I’m never coming back.”

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