Absolutely Disgusting! Woman Changes DIAPER in the Middle of Disney Restaurant

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This story may make you lose faith in Disney Guests.

One Guest has just shared of the most disgusting and unbelievable cases of bad Guest behavior. There is no denying that, in recent months, Guests have been acting even wilder than usual. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but it really does seem like people are becoming more outlandish and inappropriate in Disney Parks. However, this story takes bad Guest behavior to truly a whole new level.

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Horrific Incident Has Guests Feeling Sick

In recent years, bad Walt Disney World Guest behavior has become a growing concern for the Walt Disney Company and its Cast Members. Disney World is often considered the most Magical place on earth, but unruly Guest behavior can quickly turn it into a nightmare.

At the Walt Disney World Resort, Guests are expected to follow a particular code of conduct. This includes respecting the Park’s rules, respecting other Guests’ personal space and property, and treating the Cast Members with kindness and respect. Unfortunately, some Guests fail to follow these guidelines and exhibit bad, and sometimes disgusting, behavior that can ruin the experience for everyone.

For one Guest, the place where they have seen the worst behavior is at Pinocchio Villiage Haus in Magic Kingdom Park. This Italian/American restaurant is located in Fantasyland and is a popular spot for families.

The Pinocchio Village Haus sign

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Pinocchio Village House Becomes the Scene of Disgusting Behavior

This magical restaurant was anything but special for one Guest who complained that there was something wild going on every time they ate there. They explain that;

“Somehow every time we eat here, there is SOMETHING going on. Before, a man was verbally abusing his wife very loud with a crazy level of anger and making threats. He was escorted out. Another time was a fist fight between 2 men and they were escorted out.”

Windows at Pinocchio village haus overlooking its a small world attraction

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As if that is not bad enough, this Guest also experienced one of the most disgusting stories I have ever heard. They explained;

“This last trip there was a family with several children from teenage years to infant. The infant was in diapers. There were other adult friends/family with them. They were all wearing nice expensive clothes (lululemon, etc). They were really loud. The mom was carrying one of the kids around in this restaurant in the corner, and with zero regard for anyone was rubbing his shoes all over people and over food and drink. This went on several minutes. At some point later she plops the kiddo down on the bench in the corner, and begins changing his poopy diaper. There was no handwashing or had sanitizer after. When she walked through again she was putting her fecal laden hands on tables and the backs of chairs.

I know not everyone has the best habits and hygeine. I know its WDW and it can be crowded with all types. I jiust wanted to vent.. I’m done now. The best part was the teenaged daughter. The look on her face of how embarrassed she was by all this was fantastic. It was a great trip. Disney Pride merch and walls are fun. Out of 20ish trips, this was only the second one in summer and it wasn’t too crowded or hot last week. Tron and Guardians were great 🙂 Mostly great crowd as well.”

Pinnochio House Hijinks
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Guest Behavior Hits a New Low

This story is absolutely revolting and a humbling reminder to always wash your hands and be aware of high-touch surfaces. You, unfortunately, will never know what exactly was there before you!

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